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Products We Love // Dr Hauschka

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Products We Love // Dr Hauschka

I have been on a journey of finding a natural skincare routine that works for me for about 2 years now. Ever since I went off the pill in 2016 my skin went haywire. And when I mean haywire, I mean the texture of my skin changed, my skin was much more sensitive than normal, and (the BEST of all) adult acne that does not go away. Adult acne has to be one of the worst minor skincare problems there is. I say minor because I don’t want to be insensitive - there are obviously A LOT worse things in the world. But humour me for a bit and just agree with me that adult acne is not wanted or welcome on any person in their late twenties. 

In any case. I went off the pill, not because I wanted to get pregnant, but because I wanted to stop voluntarily ingesting a hormonal pill every day and rather sort things out naturally. I’d been on the pill for a full 13 years and was originally put on it to take care of my teenage acne. But now it was starting to negatively affect my libido, digestion, and mood amongst other things. So I pulled the plug. But once I did I was not prepared for the changes in my skin to happen so quickly.

I also decided that I want to start using more natural skincare products as I’d been reading up a lot about the negative effects of all the chemicals that we put onto our bodies every single day. We forget that our skin is our body’s largest organ and also the second only organ that is directly connected to the outside world (the other being our intestines). So it truly is the barrier against our insides and the chemicals / pollution / toxins that are swirling all around us. So that got me thinking. Why put in all the effort to eat right, take the right vitamins and supplements, order the green smoothie when all I want is a chocolate milkshake - why go to all that trouble to keep my body healthy, when I’m putting a load of potentially harmful chemicals on my face every day? I know the science is somewhat murky, and you don’t actually absorb 60% of the chemicals in your beauty products into your bloodstream (your skin has too many layers for that! So luckily our skin is too smart for us too!). But in general I thought: it’s a lifestyle choice, it’s my choice, and there are so many natural beauty brands out there, so why not try!

Anyway - that’s my story and reasoning behind trying out natural skincare. Take it or leave it. But so my quest began - I’ve tried all the natural oils, essential oils, making my own concoctions, and every local skincare brand there is. And while there are some products that have worked, and some that have literally burned my skin to the point where I’ve had a dry patch between my eyes for the past 3 months (yes. It’s horrible. Use facial oils with pure essential oils in them very carefully guys!), I hadn’t found one brand who’s products work for my skin. I’m such a neat freak and I am that person that wants to have one brand for all her skincare products. I don’t like a cluttered vanity. I also want to go to the store once, get all the things I need, and get out of there. Also - I feel like one brand’s products should work harmoniously together, no? Maybe that’s just me.

And then I found Dr.Hauschka. After extensive research on how to heal these horrible dry patches, I decided to give the Doctor a try. It’s been a month (so still early days) but I can confidently say that I am extremely happy with this brand! The products are excellent. My dry patch is disappearing (thank goodness), I don’t break out from these products (my acne has actually reduced which is a miracle in itself), and the texture of my skin feels amazing. The discolouration on my skin (redness on my cheeks and chin) has also dramatically reduced which is such a great thing for my confidence!

My favourite products, by far, are the Rose Day Cream Light and the Bronzing Tint. The day cream is so gentle, so effective, but not too heavy which is just perfect. It also smells incredible - like you put your face onto a pillow infused with sweet english roses. Yes, truly. The Translucent Bronzing Tint is my absolute favourite though. It works like a charm. I have quite an olive skin tone so I think that’s why it works so well for me (a super fair lady might find this a bit too extreme), but just one pump of this mixed in with your moisturizer gives you such a subtle glow and just enough coverage for those days when you don’t feel like wearing full foundation. It’s super hydrating as well which is an added bonus!

The other products I’m using are the Soothing Cleansing Milk (very effective for removing makeup), the Clarifying Toner (refreshing), and the Regenerative Eye Cream (which I just got so can’t comment on yet - but I thought I’d start out now with eye cream. Turning 30 in a few weeks. So the time has come I guess??!).

The products are on the pricey side, but not excessively so. And for relatively natural, completely organic skincare that is tried and tested and is effective, I’m willing to pay an extra little bit.

Let us know if you have any natural skincare brands that you’d recommend! We’d love to hear your thoughts and get a conversation going.

Love always,

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