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The 7-Day Breakfast Experiment

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The 7-Day Breakfast Experiment

Being in my serious health rut - a big part of it has been eating the exact same thing for breakfast every single morning. And it being winter, all I wanted to do every morning was curl up in bed a little longer and avoid the realities of life (yes this sounds very sad, and it was - but mostly due to hormonal imbalances luckily which I am getting under control thank goodness! More on that later if you’d like!).

Back to breakfast - I wanted to curl up in bed with something super comforting. And oats is usually my go-to brekky for comfort and nourishment. Don’t get me wrong - I make incredibly healthy oats filled with good fats, great fibre, mood boosting raw cacao, and all sorts of yummy (healthy) goods. But you know that saying: too much of a good thing is bad? Well it’s definitely true. Eat a massive bowl of cacao oats every morning without doing exercise for a month and your body will start to look a little more soft than it did before your oat binge.

It all comes back to everything in moderation. Even though oats are notoriously good for your heart and lowering cholesterol and great for your digestion and fibre intake, too much of it can make you literally feel like a bowl of oats later on.

That’s why I’m going to start a classic exercise in health coaching - a great introductory exercise for anyone who wants to experiment with new recipes, get out of that breakfast funk, and give their body a new injection of flavours and nutrients. The Breakfast Experiment.

It’s pretty simple - every day for a week, try something new for breakfast! Naturally you should keep it nourishing and made from whole foods only (I’m not suggesting you eat Coco Pops here - I’m talking about the good stuff!). The key in this exercise is to take note of how you feel after every breakfast. How are your energy levels directly after? Two hours after? How is your digestion? Are you bloated? Do you feel hungry? Full? Take note of everything. This experiment is also a fantastic introduction to listening to your body. No - your body doesn’t talk to you. But it does send you signals. For example - after you’ve eaten a beautiful bowl of oats made with cow’s milk and your stomach starts rumbling, you feel gassy, and you are super bloated - that is your body talking to you, telling you that it didn’t like what you gave it (and you could possibly not digest milk well) and that you should do better next time. So perhaps next time make the same bowl of oats but switch the cow’s milk for almond milk (or any nut milk) and see how you feel? Still feeling bloated and not well - then you could be reacting to something else in that bowl of oats. You could have a gluten intolerance - so next time buy certified gluten free oats and see how you feel! It’s all about experimenting and listening to your body. The more you do it - the easier it will get!

So let’s do it together this week. Take on this Breakfast Experiment with me and let’s take small steps toward listening to our bodies and walking a path toward better health! I’ve attached a FREE worksheet for you to fill in this week to make it easier. DM us or post your findings on instastories using the hashtag #ALWELLNESSWEDNESDAY and let’s do it together! I’m here to give you encouraging words and to answer any questions you might have! Don’t hesitate to contact me via instagram or e-mail.


Have a lovely Wednesday! And remember the challenge starts TOMORROW! See you then!




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