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Tip for October: A beautiful space for work and personal living needs to spark joy!

Tip for October: A beautiful space for work and personal living needs to spark joy!

There is something about October that has us wanting to take out the old and replace it with new! As this new season approaches, it is the perfect time of year to start thinking about de-cluttering your home or office space. A clean, organised space allows for one to focus on what really matters. Let's be honest how much more efficient are you when you know exactly where everything is in your home or office. A LOT more..... right ?!

If something provides zero purpose in your home or office space, remove it. It's that simple. Donate unwanted items in your home to those who need them or sell them online. There are some great online marketing platforms that make this super easy. 

At Alexa Lily we are all about keeping functional items that serve a purpose. So remember our equation for when you start the process.

Beauty + Quality + Function  = A happy space. 

Our Top Tips for kick starting this process: 

1. First things first, create 3 separate piles or mark clear areas in a particular room or space. 

ONE  - items that are to be discarded or recycled if possible. 

TWO - items that are to be donated or sold.  

THREE  - items that you are unsure of.  

2. Any item that is in the Unsure Pile / Pile THREE  - ask yourself 2 simple questions. 

First Question   - "Have I used this item in the last 12 months?" If the answer is NO, then add this to pile ONE or TWO. If the answer is YES, ask yourself the next question. 

Second Question - "Does this item add value in my life ?" If the answer is NO , add this to pile ONE or TWO. If the answer is YES, then keep it. 

3. Keep items on your desk that add value to your everyday or that make you happy. So a beautiful vase with flowers is not irrelevant if it brings a smile to your face. But an ornament that you bought on your first overseas trip to South America that adds zero value and isn't a piece that is near and dear to your heart might be worth donating to someone else. Keep your work space simple, don't over complicate it or over decorate. Make it a space to bring you inspiration but allow for  productivity. 

4. Keep a filing system  - especially for things like financial statements, chargers, books that you don't need every day or week but need on hand. Make use of storage boxes to keep things inside that you can store away. 

5. Keep at it, do a basic clean up like this every week for the next month and see how you get on. Has it made any difference to your daily life. Remember it's a work in progress, so don't give up. Clutter never happened over night. So work on it gradually and you will eventually get to a place where your space you work or live in daily brings you all the joy you need to be the best version of yourself.

Tag us along your journey and let us together help inspire others to live a more meaningful, simplified life. 


Alexa Lily 




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