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A Different Kind of New Year's Resolution + FREE DOWNLOAD

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A Different Kind of New Year's Resolution + FREE DOWNLOAD

Happy 2019! It’s hard to believe that we’re almost a month into this new year. Take a moment and think about that just for a second. Wow. Breathe out. Relax. You can do this.

Every January it seems like everyone sets resolutions, goals, writes down things that they strive to get done this year. Now that’s all great and aspirational, but how many times have you written a resolution, to only throw it away during your annual clean up of your desk midway through the year? It happens to us too. And we’re so over it.  

This year we really want to be intentional about what we envision for the year. Intentional being the key word here. We truly believe there is a reason why so many new year’s resolutions fail: because they aren’t born out of intent. There has to be a purpose for what you are planning for the year. Simply put - there has to be a “why”.

What is your “why”? Why do you want to run a marathon this year. Why do you want to save money to travel to a new destination. Why do you want to get promoted? Think about why behind what you planned to write down as your resolution. Once you figure out your why, your intentions become clear and so much easier to actually follow through on. Remember that there is so much space in Your Weekly Edit / Your Daily Edit 2019 planner (or diary) for intention writing - use those spaces to their full potential!

But if writing intentions or resolutions brings up feelings of anxiety, feelings of not being ‘enough’, then try something else. We’ve found this year that instead of writing resolutions, we’re writing lists. Lists without timelines, without due dates, without actionable steps. Plain and simple lists under two titles:

do more and do less

What do you want to do more of that really makes you happy (and why does it make you happy?). What really gives you joy? What do you think you can do more of to make you more productive during the day? What can you do to increase your knowledge on current events? Whatever it may be! Write it down!

 And on the flip side - what can you do less of that doesn’t serve you? What bogs you down but you keep on doing? What habits should you try and let go of gradually that you know will make you feel better?

Writing these two simple lists have been a liberating experience to say the least. We feel like we don’t have that pressure to achieve a goal we set for ourselves while we were all sparkly and excited for the new year. Instead, we sat down and deeply thought about what serves us, and what doesn’t, and what we can do more of or less of to become the best version of ourselves that we want to be. And if these two lists roll over into 2020, that’s completely fine! Because we are all works in progress. There is not “perfect you” or “perfect me”. And we’re so grateful that there isn’t. 

As a happy little bonus for you we’ve designed a simple one pager for you to download and fill out so that your do more / do less list is as beautiful as you are. Fill it out and display it in an area where you will see it often to keep reminding yourself of your intentions. Click on the here to get your free download.


Remember to also use Your Weekly Edit or Your Daily Edit 2019 for actively reminding you of your do more / do less list. Write little reminders everywhere in your planner / diary: in Today’s Top Focus if you feel you really need that extra push, in your Notes pages when you feel inspired, or in your Weekly Goals section! Your planner is there for your every day and to make your every day full of joy. Use it to your advantage!

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