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Give More L O V E this Valentine's Day

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Give More L O V E this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day. Ugh. Yawn. For singles it’s the worst day of the year. For people high up in the clouds in love it’s the absolute best. For couples where one half believes V-Day is something to celebrate, and the other half believes it’s a money-making scheme by industries to rob you of everything you have in February and force you to conform to buying roses and chocolate for your partner and spending an obscene amount of money on a 6-course meal of small plates that don’t even satisfy your hunger (YES we are speaking from experience here…) - it’s an all round struggle fest.

But why does it have to be such a big deal? Why can’t we all just LOVE on Valentine’s Day. Seriously. We love Valentine’s Day. We think having a special day in the year where you truly celebrate LOVE full on is amazing. Nothing else. Not love AND x or love AND y. Just love. Why not take part? It doesn’t need to be something over the top. And it doesn’t need to be just with your partner! 

Share Valentine’s Day with your bestie. Go have tea with your grandmother and give her a box of her favourite chocolate (she’d appreciate it more than you know). Send your dad a note to say “Thanks for all the love over all these years. And thanks for never crushing my dreams.” Buy a box of chocolates for the person on the street you pass every single day. Do all of that AND love your partner / tinder date. Whatever your situation, we hope you find someone to give love to. 

To LOVE is such a gift. And it’s a gift to yourself as well as to others. We as humans need love and we need to spread it all around no doubt like that Nutella you’re gonna spread on that croissant on V-day because it’s V-day and V-day calls for Nutella. 

Sorry. I digressed.

Anyway. That’s our two cents on Valentine’s Day. Don’t mock it or throw it away. Enjoy it and give the gift of love to everyone on February 14th. We sure plan to.

Remember to plan out how you're going to give on Thursday in Your Weekly Edit or Your Daily Edit diary and share your plans with us using the hashtag #alexalily!

With LOVE always,


Anel + Jen

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