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The Alexa Lily Gift Guide - Mother's Day

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The Alexa Lily Gift Guide - Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner (Sunday May 13th for those that have forgotten!) and we LOVE spoiling our beautiful moms. I think we undervalue how special and important our moms really are. Recently a lot of my (Anel’s) friends have become first time mamas and I see how their personalities have grown into ultimate caretakers. They have a joy and glow about them that is beautiful to watch. Even though they are extremely tired, they are still so filled with love and positivity about their babies and I admire that so much. Most of all - I see how selfless they have become and that is probably one of the biggest and best qualities of a mom. You become selfless immediately. Be it hormones, or some magical Fairy Godmother that comes and sprinkles selfless sparkles over you the night before your baby is born - I do not know. But selfless is what you become and it is magical indeed.

So Mother’s Day needs to be celebrated - to treat and spoil all the selfless mamas who never put themselves first. 


We’ve rounded up our picks of favourite gifts - picked by the experienced mama Jen and the unexperienced, yet lover of giving gifts, Anel. We hope this will give you some inspiration to spoil your mama, your new mama friend, your mama wife, or your loving grandmama! 

To all the mothers out there - you are superheroes, your are Wonder Women, you are Girl Bosses in your own right. We look up to you, we treasure you, and we thank you for raising strong and kind humans. 

Here are our picks:


Botanicus - give the gift of gorgeous flowers by Jonette from Botanicus. Her bouquets are exquisite and will inspire every single woman and make her feel beautiful. (Joburg area only)

Sleepwear by Bena Loungewear - this gorgeous set in blush pink is just perfect for the new mama who is probably staying in her PJ’s all day. At least this way she can feel fabulous while doing so!

SKOON Ruby Marine Mask - this stuff is heaven and will be such a treat for any mama! Plus you use it overnight - no muss no fuss. Perfect for the new mama.

Simply Granola - Oh My Cocoa (or any flavour for that matter!). You have never tasted granola until you’ve tasted Simply Granola. One bite and you will never look back. Treat your mama’s tastebuds.

Jo Malone - we are absolutely in love with their new English Fields fragrance range and the packaging is just gorgeous!

Ma Mère Confections - treat your mama to some sweetness with these handmade confections. The packaging is extremely giftable and what’s inside is so tasty. Remember to get some for yourself too ;)

Minimalist Notecards - Of course we can’t forget our gorgeous notecards. Such a beautiful yet absolutely functional gift. You always need a pack of notecards in your cupboard and stocking up on these beauties for yourself and your mama is the best idea you’ve ever had.

Suki Suki Naturals Papaya and Rose Facial Spray - we’ve just recently started using this spray and it is absolutely gorgeous. Just a few spritzes and you feel refreshed while your skin is hydrated. And the scent is to die for!



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  • May 07, 2018

    Beautiful addition to an already excellent Company!

    — Nelia Hoogenhout

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