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The Art of Living in Small Spaces // Top Tips

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The Art of Living in Small Spaces // Top Tips

Have you noticed the general shift towards minimalism recently? It’s everywhere. People all over the world are starting to realize that living a simplistic, smaller, and more balanced life brings joy and happiness. Heard of the Tiny House Movement? Google it. It’s incredible.

Although we definitely are not at the stage of the Tiny House (46m2 is SO tiny!!), we are definitely all for apartment living. More and more young professionals and families are opting to make an apartment their permanent home, instead of moving straight to a 3 bedroom house with a white picket fence. Although idyllic, the housing market is incredibly unfavourable right now and apartments seem to have become the better fit for most. The reality is a lot of us are unable to join the ‘big house’ market just yet, especially if living in a big city. So we opt for smaller spaces with tiny balconies to enjoy our city views. 

I do it and am loving our apartment. We are lucky to live in a green leafy suburb close to all amenities, yet when I mention that we live in an apartment with our twin 3 year old girls people are stunned to say the least. The first question that gets asked: how do you deal with the lack of space? Well - I’m here to let you all in on the secrets of making your small space work for you. I’ve been decorating our apartment for the last year and a half since we moved in and have had such a great time doing it, playing around, trying new things, learning what works and what doesn’t. Most of all - making it a tranquil, spacious, and liveable space for our family of 4. 


1. Less is More

With a small space, you don’t want to cram in furniture that is too bulky or will take up half the room. Be smart with what you choose. For example: an L-shaped couch works great as it provides ample seating without having to fit in two separate sofas! Also, small little poufs or ottomans work wonders for providing extra seating, while looking stylish, and can also move around the house as needed (especially when you need to declutter and make space for your kids to play - the poufs can easily fit under a console). When entertaining these work great too - because you can host incredible dinner parties in an apartment. 

2. Round Coffee/Dining Tables

Round tables are great because they’re less obtrusive, take up less space, and they provide a great flow between different areas if you happen to have an open-plan layout. They also look incredibly modern. Plus - no corners if you have small kids (bonus!).

3. Create a Flow

Speaking of flow - it’s super important to keep a sense of design flow between all your rooms. This helps make your space seem bigger and fit together. Mixing different looks within different areas of your apartment may result in it looking or feeling disjointed.

4. Large Mirrors

Invest in getting beautiful, large mirrors to put in your living space, dining area, or bedroom. They immediately provide a sense of space and light. We are obsessed with these at the moment!

5. Wall Art

I love art. Especially in that it allows for colour to be added in your home without having to get your sofa reupholstered. You can choose pieces of art you love (like the ones that will soon be launching on our website!!!), get them beautifully framed, and voilà you have wonderful pieces to brighten up different areas of your space. They also are great for creating the necessary partitioning between different room but also keeping a relaxed flow. 

PS: art does not need to be expensive. We’ll be launching some incredible works of art, line drawings, and prints soon so that you can decorate your walls without forking out your entire budget. Stay tuned!

6. A Carpet

Get a great carpet that’s going to fit into your living space and really make the whole room look more cosy and tie it all in. It really makes a space look put together.

7. Scatter cushions 

These are the best for adding colours and different textures into your apartment without going big on the sofa or headboard. You can keep everything fairly neutral and minimal but then choose some beautifully designed scatters to add in that texture and colour you want. Plus you’re buying less fabric so it’s way more affordable. 

8. Invest in great pieces of furniture

Decorating any space can get very expensive, we know. But furniture needs to be looked at as an investment. Pick pieces that are classic and that you know you’ll love for years to come. Pieces that will move with you to your next place. If you pick classic pieces, you’ll always find a space for them in your new home too! 

(Unless you plan to Air BnB your apartment out one day - then I would say don’t go too crazy on the furniture budget!)

I hope you will find these tips useful for decorating your apartment. My final word of advice: enjoy the whole process. Don’t let decorating make you feel nervous but rather let it be an expression of who you and your family are. Remember that it’s totally OK to take your time! You don’t have to have everything purchased and done all at once. Hell, it has taken me one and a half years and I’m still not finished! 

Lots of love,








***image credit: Kate La Vie

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