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Focus for February. Our Tip of the Month.

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Focus for February. Our Tip of the Month.

The second month of the year is upon us and it’s usually such a tricky month as the holiday festivities are OFFICALLY, 100%, no doubt, over. Now you really need to buckle down and get serious about the new year. No excuses. Damn. It’s an intimidating thought to say the least!

But like we said in January’s Tip of the Month, it’s all about your attitude. Change your attitude, change your life. Easier said than done, we know. But let’s take it step by step. 

In Your Weekly Edit / Your Daily Edit 2019 planner - on the very first page of the month we’ve given you some space to write a few things down. We want you to think about what perks you up. What puts you in a great mood even when everything around you seems to be blowing up? What puts a smile on your face? What puts joy in your heart?

We want you to write down 5 things that perks your mood in an upwards direction so that you can grab hold of your attitude over any situation. Just think about it - if you’re in the middle of something horrible, and you don’t know how in the world to handle the situation and you just feel completely lost, wouldn’t it help to think of something or do something that makes you happy, even if just for 5 minutes? That one thought / action could have the potential to change the way you react in that horrible situation. It just makes sense. Negativity breeds more negativity, and positivity breeds more positivity. It’s our human nature.

So try it out. Write down 5 things you can do in a bad situation that you know will really perk up your mood, and equip yourself with the tools to really take charge of your attitude. 

Share your lists on Instagram with us with the hashtag #alexalily - we’d love to see yours!

Happy February!


With love always,


Anel + Jen

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