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Focus for January. Our Tip of the Month.

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Focus for January. Our Tip of the Month.

If you are new to Alexa Lily and haven’t been able to grab yourself a Your Weekly Edit or Your Daily Edit for 2019 - let us introduce you to what our users see at the beginning of every month.

Once they flip over the divider page (with a stunning inspirational quote may we add), they get to the Tip of the Month page where we (Anel and Jen) have written a special little note about what we think would be a great focus for them for that month. It’s mostly something fun and not too preachy, but some months the inspiration strikes us and we get all excited about upgrading their thoughts and actions in order for them to live their best lives.

January’s tip was all about setting the tone for 2019. We’ve decided to dedicate 2019 to positivity. 2018 was a rough year for us especially at Alexa Lily, and to be completely honest we weren’t as positive as we should have been. Reflecting back, we can definitely say that if we adopted a more positive attitude, we probably would have dealt with some situations a lot better.

And that is our message for January (and every month this year). Your attitude is your greatest asset. It can help you when times are tough, it can lift you up, and best of all - it is totally in your hands. You decide what attitude you will have towards every situation you come across. Every single fork in the road can be doused with a positive attitude (OK, not EVERY single fork in the road but you know what we mean!). 

This year, every month, try and write down a few things that you know you can do to adopt a more positive attitude. It can be as simple as taking a breath and counting to ten, or it can be a lot deeper. For example, one half of AL (that’s me! Anel) has found that by putting away my phone at 9pm every night and not looking at my phone again until 7am in the morning has changed my attitude for the better in a massive way. I’m less anxious, more focussed, and I actively spend quality time in the evenings and early mornings on things I love. So think about actions like these that can upgrade your attitude for the better, and make your day a joyful one. Remember, if you have a Your Weekly Edit or Your Daily Edit 2019 planner / diary, you can write these in the monthly “This Month’s Focus” box. We’ve made it easier for you to actively live your best life. Go ahead and try it out!


Please do let us know in the comments below what you are going to do! We’d love some more inspiration for ourselves and others as well! 


Happy 2019 AL darlings. 


Love always,


Anel + Jen

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  • Feb 04, 2019

    Anel!… jou 9pm-7am selfoon “fast” is ’n uitstekende idee……ek daag jou uit om vir pa daarop te kry!! xx

    — Marian van der Merwe

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