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Focus for March. Our Tip of the Month.

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Focus for March. Our Tip of the Month.

We’re a third of the way into 2019 - welcome to the month of March (and if you didn’t know that already - well - you need to be using your planner more girl!!). But in all seriousness…we’ve been avoiding acknowledging that it’s March already. You start the year off so positive and bright eyed, setting all these goals for the first quarter of the year, and thinking that you’ll be waaaay ahead of your plan by the time March rolls around. And here you are - wether you’ve ticked off those goals or are a tad behind schedule, it’s time to face the facts. It’s time to get real. The year is officially on a serious snow-ball-won’t-stop-for-anyone roll and it’s time to get on board!

Now if that made your heart rate shoot sky high and your anxiety levels go through the roof - calm down. It’s not that bad! You know what - life is short. Too short to be anxious. Let’s take a few steps back and focus on the facts:

  • you probably haven’t done too many of the things on your “do more” list
  • you probably frequent your “do less” list way too often
  • you may have done one or two things this year that you are incredibly proud of (and one or two that you wish never happened)

If you want to - write all of the above down so you can visualize where you’re at right now.

And now - take that piece of paper and tear it up. (HOW CLICHÉ!). But do it. 

Now recycle that b*itch and take a deep breath in and out.

Rather than focusing on the negatives. Let’s focus on the positives. Focus on YOU. Remember - 2019 is the year of positivity. So pour yourself a glass of wine and celebrate the fact that you have survived this day/month. Get back to those do more / do less lists tomorrow with a fresh heart ready to tackle the rest of the year. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember - you only have ONE life. Live it!

Ok - this blogpost was filled with way too many clichés than we can actually handle. We better stop before we start singing “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child… Until next week!


Love always,

Anel + Jen

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