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Introducing ALEXA LILY - an exciting update

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Introducing ALEXA LILY - an exciting update
Welcome to ALEXA LILY 2.0 - a fresh new website, created specifically to brighten your life and carry across the AL message in the clearest of ways. 
We wanted to start off our Stories series by introducing you to AL officially and to let you in on our values, our history, and what we stand for as a brand. We’ve got big dreams for this year and we can’t wait to share it all with you! But first - let’s go back to the basics.
ALEXA LILY is a lifestyle brand based on the foundations of quality, functionality, beauty, and simplicity. Every product, every word, every idea is rooted in these foundations and we strive to live by them every single day. It started with the small vision of creating a highly functional yet beautiful weekly planner that has now branched out into so much more. AL plans to expand into creating more relevant content for the every woman to read and enjoy, to learn from, to interact with, and to love. Along with that - a range of accessories and goods to simplify and beautify. Big dreams are what this company is about and achieving them is our goal.
Our History
ALEXA LILY was created by Anel + Jen - two friends with a shared love of a minimal and curated life, beautiful design, and functional products. It started with a need for a planner that goes beyond the traditional. Your Weekly Edit was the beginning of AL and it has led to inspiration beyond measure. AL will always be a personal investment of time and passion from A+J, making sure that AL is an expression of style and function.
Our Values
We started this company knowing that we would never compromise on quality - and that continues to be true. ALEXA LILY believes in high quality products, sustainably sourced where possible, and local production. We believe in supporting our local manufacturers and producers and believe that they provide us with the best quality for our customers. We value simplicity and reflect this value in the products that we create. We value an organized life, we know that life gets crazy for everyone in our society and that life comes with pressures beyond our control. We hope to create calm in the crazy by providing our customers with products that will simplify their life and create joy in their every day. Equally important to us is minimal yet beautiful design. Our products are created with a minimal life in mind which is something that sits close to the hearts of our co-founders. Curating your life with minimal, well designed, high quality, and purposeful goods is ALEXA LILY embodied.
We hope you'll enjoy perusing the new site and come back every week to read our latest blog posts + news happening at AL headquarters.
Anel + Jen

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