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The 5-Minute Morning Routine That Works

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The 5-Minute Morning Routine That Works

So this is something that has baffled me for exactly 3.4 years (since the day I became a mum): how does a mum have enough time to get ready in the morning whilst trying to juggle her own kids’ situation? Which FYI can range anywhere from meltdowns to organizing breakfast to nappy changes to more meltdowns to extreme excitement to really, really bad meltdowns (*sigh). Whether you are a full time working mum or a stay at home mum or a part time girl boss, there is the crucial time factor in place that really can throw us off our game if we get behind schedule. All of us have our own to-do’s and a game plan that needs to be adhered to on a regular basis.

I am elated to say that I have finally found the answer. Enter the my Morning Routine. It has taken me a while to really perfect but I have to say it works for me. I’m not going to sugarcoat this experience - it takes skill, but that’s why us girl bosses always conquer. We know how to multitask and get it together (quickly). We can perfect anything if we really just try. Also (fun fact): I used to say when I became a mum I would never leave the house without brushing my hair...Um that is an absolute lie. But now I just keep a Tangle Teaser (get one asap if you don’t have one!!) in my bag and in my bathroom and in my car. SO now I can brush my hair anytime, anywhere! #Winning.

Here is my general routine - depending on my sleep situation the night before! But if I mostly follow this routine I’m set and ready to get my day going smoothly. If I’ve had a good nights sleep and wake up feeling somewhat OK, then I know I have to maximize on this and really go for it. If not then, well, I try my best because really what else can we do but try right??!!

(Side note: I recently bought some masks from Glam Glow and they literally take about two minutes to apply. So if I see my skin is really needing a lift, I’ll quickly wash my face just after waking up and apply a hydrating mask which I’ll leave on until I get dressed and do (or do not do) makeup. This just helps to kill to two birds with one stone and I know I’ve given my face what it needs to start my day.) 

First things first: boil some water and make your hot water + lemon drink (yum!). I drink this whilst getting the girls from their bedroom into the living room (as any mum with a toddler knows - this can take some time). Lemon water is super hydrating, helps kickstart my metabolism, and just gives me a fresh start to my day. I then start the filter coffee prep immediately. While that is happening I’m organizing the girls’ breakfast which ranges each day as they don’t like the same meals and they also like a bit of variety. While I’m busy prepping for this I’m also pouring my coffee (best part of the morning). Now onto the snack prep for school. I probably go to the shops about four times per week ( maybe more ) and stock up on essentials but also school snacks. So this is pretty straight forward but again I mix things up each day. Once the school lunch is sorted I’m making my own breakfast because we have to eat and I cannot leave the house unless I have swallowed something so I usually prep some avocado on toast for myself, which (coincidentally) my girls love too. Which means I always make extra because I know they will, more than likely, eat mine too. But at least if they do, I know they’re getting a good start to their morning as am I. OK so now that we have all eaten, it’s brush teeth, brush hair, and get dressed time - which sometimes all occurs in my open plan living room. This is never straight forward and really can take between five and 30 minutes, all depending on my girls and how willing they are to wear what I have chosen (a constant struggle let me tell you!). Kids sorted, now mum. I try and start each day with a little exercise, therefore I am that mum that rocks up to the school drop-off in her activewear. Yes. That is me. The bonus of this is that I don’t have to think about my outfit for the morning! In less than two minutes I can just throw on the usual attire, brush hair (if it’s a good day), brush teeth, and wash my face. I never wear make up to the gym unless it’s a little concealer under my eyes, so my skin routine each morning when I’m going to the gym is pretty much the same. I wash my face with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution. I then spritz my face with Kiehls Calendula Herbal Extact Toner. I really give my face a good spritz. I then apply some Eucerin Dermo Purifier + Nimue Sunscreen. If my eyes are looking super puffy I will almost always apply my Estee Lauder Highlighter to just give my eyes a little bit of life and not look so scary. Then that’s me done! Grab the girls, grab the packed lunches, grab the backpacks, and we are ready to hit the road. 

It all may seem a bit confusing and crazy, but it’s really all about multi-tasking and figuring out what routine works best for you in the morning. My routine really focusses on getting ready quickly, while also taking care of myself and my girls. Hope these tips help any busy mama out there. Let us know what your tips are for getting ready in the morning - what works best for you? Anything that you do that could help other mama-readers? Comment below and let’s start a chat! We’d love to hear from you.

Lots of love,


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