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Ready for a Digital De-Clutter ?

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Ready for a Digital De-Clutter ?

As we enter day 5 of Lockdown here at home and obviously confined to our homes all day every day. We are all probably spending a lot more time on our phones. Whether we are constantly checking for updates on COVID-19, NEWS around the world in general, keeping in touch with friends and family or working remotely via our lap tops and phones. Now is the perfect time for a little digital de-clutter, don’t you think?

Some tips we’ve been doing the past few days which have helped us:

Wallpaper: Firstly get yourself a new wallpaper for your phone + laptop. Now is the perfect time for a little change. We all need something new to look at. Maybe every couple of days you can alternate between a few different options. Looking for some inspiration, then check out our stories over on instragram which will all be saved on our highlights page under downloads. 

Desktop Files: If you are anything like us, then you also have a lot of stuff ( and by stuff we mean random images + screen shots + NB documents ) that you plan to file away but are all saved to your desktop. Why ? Because its so darn easy and before you know it you have a million and one files, all uncategorised and you cannot find a thing! Now is the perfect opportunity to delete or trash and re -organize these files to folders. This brings us to our next point. Side note, you can now finally see your beautiful wallpaper! Bonus. 

Folders: We love a good folder and especially ones with categories that we can easily file things to, so that if we need anything in a flash we know exactly where it is stored. Try and choose categories that you can have a few items stored into like “Invoicing 2020 First Quarter “ (so you know the date + timeframe). This will make your life so much easier when trying to find things.

Apps: Oh yes ! We have a lot of apps and probably have added a few more over the last couple of days. As am sure you do too! Add all your relevant apps like cooking apps, food delivery apps or recipe apps to one category and online shopping apps like Zara, Superbalist, Takealot etc to another. That way your phone home screen looks neat and organized and once again you know where everything is.

Emails: Time to save space and also return all pending emails. Go through your inbox and delete any emails that are non -essential or pop them into a folder in your mail box if they are. Follow our quick and simple 3 step process.

  1. Read
  2. Reply
  3. Delete OR Move to folder

How many time do you say "Yip, I'll respond to that one later!" Well don't. Everyone needs a response and we certainly have the time. 

Hope this was somewhat helpful and maybe just prompted you to tackle at least one of these items above.

Happy digital de-cluttering day everyone.

Stay safe and most importantly stay home.