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What's Transparency Tuesdays All About?

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What's Transparency Tuesdays All About?

As many of you know, we have started doing this fun little thing on Instagram stories every week called Transparency Tuesday. On this day, we answer questions that we’ve received from customers in the past and present about our business - anything ranging from “do you have a physical store” to “do you make your products locally” to “who is behind Alexa Lily”. 

We got the idea from a company called Everlane based in the US. They are a business we look up to a lot. Their values are very much aligned with our own, and they are where we want to be in a couple of years. Not only is their style impeccable, but all their products are fairly, ethically, and sustainably made. And they have incredible stories behind their products, their people, and their brand. But what we love most about them is their transparency with their customers.

We really believe, as loyal customers of many brands ourselves, that the future for young businesses is to be open and honest about their practices. We feel that companies cannot be shady or secretive about how they do business anymore. We as customers want honest answers. We want to know where our products come from. Who made our clothes, were they well paid, does the company that we are supporting do shady shit behind the scenes to fund their products, or are they doing things the right way. We also think that’s why it is so much harder these days to start a company. Because customers are so loaded with information at their fingertips, you can’t really convince a customer of something that they don’t believe in. You have to work with customers to create products that they want. Customers and companies are one. And that’s what we believe and strive for at Alexa Lily.

You (our customers) are incredibly important to us. We don’t make products for ourselves, we make them for you! So we want you to be a part of the process. That’s why we have polls on social media all the time asking your opinion, or sharing our every day lives on Instagram showing you behind the scenes of Alexa Lily. It’s not a marketing tactic. We know it’s good business, yes, but Alexa Lily can honestly not survive without you. We value you and what you think! And we want to have a great relationship between us. 

We have and will always be honest and open about our products, about our sourcing, about our pricing. And the day that we cannot be honest about any of these things without a feeling of guilt, will be the day that Alexa Lily will be no more. But don’t worry - it will never get to that point. Because this belief isn’t something we adopted for Alexa LIly, it’s something engrained in us. It’s something that started before we started AL. And it will remain in us forever.


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