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Women + Intuition - talking superpowers

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Women + Intuition - talking superpowers


“Her intuition was her favourite superpower.”


As per usual on a Tuesday night we were scrolling through Instagram and found this gem of a quote. It made us stop and go - yes. So much so that we have now designed our own little quote photo and have it on our desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, printed out and framed - basically everywhere (and you’re welcome to download it for yourself too - scroll down for the link!). 

It might not seem like the most miraculous quote you’ve seen in your life, but it means everything to us for a couple of reasons. 

First and foremost we strongly, deeply, truly believe that women are superheroes. All women are superheroes - whether you are 5 years old or 85 years old. We are an incredible species with the perfect combination of empathy, drive, loyalty, kindness, and sass all bundled up into every beautiful woman on the planet. We have a way of getting things done, while also giving some of ourselves to others. We have a way of being 5 things at once, and being able to give of ourselves in 5 different directions at once. We are now learning to reign it in and not do too much at a time (according to trends worldwide - self-care and all of that good stuff!), but our natural instinct is to give. And that is an amazing quality.

It’s an incredible time to be a female in today. Worldwide we are making waves and demanding change and we couldn’t be more excited for where we as a sex are going in the future. Our future daughters will be growing up with an entirely different frame of mind than we did - which is scary for us (how do we navigate and parent this?) but incredibly exciting for them. 

Ultimately as females we are moving from strength to strength and we’re good with that.

The second thing we love about this quote is the focus on the word intuition. It’s probably one of our favourites and one that we check in with daily. Your intuition can play such an important role in your life if you let it. Because if you know yourself, what you love, what you stand for, what you believe in, what you want - then your intuition can be your best friend. You know when something is a good idea. You know when something sounds off. You know it always - whether you recognize it or not. It takes some practice, sure, but it’s possible to achieve. Listen to your gut. Take the time in a situation and listen to what your mind and body are saying. You’ll know when she’s given you the answer. Because you are a superhero! And superheroes with superpowers need to work on their powers - it takes practice and time. But we’re born with a guiding intuition that makes us so unique.

So cultivate your craft. Practice listening to your intuition. Know that you are a beautiful, strong, fierce female superhero with superpowers that can take you to great heights. Know and believe this and you’ll be going places, girl.


**Disclaimer: we believe in equality and definitely believe our male buds have equal superpowers and are superheroes in their own right. But it’s women’s day - so we are celebrating us instead of all today. Thanks and bye. x


Lots of love always,

Anel + Jen


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