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3 Steps to A Curated Closet

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3 Steps to A Curated Closet

An uncluttered closet makes for a happy life. It’s true. Whether we like to admit it or not. It’s a difficult thing to tackle at first - let us tell you why. You’ve been buying clothes since high school (maybe even primary school if your mom trusted your style enough - which FYI if she did you are incredibly lucky!!). Over the years you’ve gathered clothing, donated clothing, thrown stuff out, bought new stuff, and the cycle has been repeated over and over again up until today. Where you’re in your 20s or 30s, with a closet FULL of clothing. More often than not you probably have a couple of pieces from your teen years stuffed to the very back of your closet? Are we right?

Don’t stress. It is the reality for most of us. Time flies by and before you know it you’re sitting with decades worth of s t u f f. We humans have this natural tendency to be unable to let go. We don’t want to let go of emotions, of the past, and the easiest one to actually let go of is our stuff.

We (Anel + Jen) have recently read up a lot about the minimal way of life. Curating your life with fewer things of better quality. By getting rid of your excess s t u f f, you make room for yourself, your friends, better inspiration, and joy. It sounds very hippy, but trust us. It’s so true. We weren’t convinced at first either. Until we did a closet clean out and realized how much s*** we had been holding on to that we really did not need anymore (case in point a pair of tights from my school days that I would NEVER wear again - why hold on to something like that? - Anel).

We became interested in minimalism and with that came the idea for a better planner to simplify our lives even more (and thus ALEXA LILY was born!). So you could say we owe a lot to Minimalism. It brought us together, deepened our connection as friends, and sparked our business idea. 

We wanted to share a couple of tips with you for de-cluttering your life and your closet specifically. We’ll do a deeper post on this later - but here are a couple of things you can do NOW to enjoy a more simplified life:

  1. Take out all the s t u f f out of your closet. We mean all of it. Throw it all on the floor, on the bed, wherever. Put it all in one room. Look at all your s t u f f lying in front of you. It’s incredible to see it all there - for some of you it might be sobering to see how much stuff you’ve been holding onto. And we promise it will definitely liberate you to start curating!
  2. Pick up every single piece you see and analyze it by the following 3 standards.
    1. “I love it. I’ve worn it in the past 3 months (or last season if you are living in a seriously weather dependant climate!). I want to wear it right now.” - place this item into the KEEP pile.
    2. “I don’t even know why I bought this. I would never wear it now.” - place this item into the DONATE pile. There are so many people in need of clothes - find a local organization that can put your old clothes to great use.
    3. “I’m not sure. I do love it, but I haven’t worn it in a while. I’m undecided!” - place this item in the STORE IT pile. Store these items in a box in your garage. If you haven’t opened the box to take out an item you’ve missed within 3 months, you can donate it! You’ll probably never wear it again.
  3. Now - take the KEEP pile and go through it again with a fine toothed comb. Do you really need each item? Would you really wear it? Try and put together outfits and see if your entire closet fits together. According to The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees you should try and keep your closet to a maximum of 37 items. That is quite difficult we must say - but do what works for you! There aren’t real rules here. The only rule is that you should be happy and feel refreshed with choice when you open you closet. You should want to wear everything in your closet and feel good in everything you put on! The next step would be to look at what you want to invest in in the future - but that’s for a different post we think. ;)



Anel + Jen






*image sourced from Pinterest

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  • Jan 22, 2019

    Love this so much! I’m doing it first thing tomorrow morning!

    Thank you!

    — Mieke Coetzee

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