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Activewear as Outerwear

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Activewear as Outerwear

Have you ever seen that hilarious video showing a group of girls singing about everything they do in their activewear? (link here). It had us cracking up and it’s so incredibly true. These days, activewear is outerwear. The term athleisure isn’t a thing for nothing. It’s an entire industry. And we are all for it. Who doesn’t love being able to walk around in your yoga pants and comfy sneakers all day and having it be called acceptable? We are SO happy about this (sitting in my yoga pants at a cafe as we speak….) and so incredibly happy that we live in the day and age where this is acceptable and not frowned upon.

But - we have to put a huge but and disclaimer in here. You can do this entirely wrong. There are times when you’ve gone to the gym and worked out extremely hard and you are sweaty and gross and frankly just need to get your butt into the shower and put on something else. For those times - please don’t go out for coffee in your activewear. Go home. Get clean. Then get your coffee (in an entirely new active outfit!). Nobody wants to sit next to a smelly kitty. And just because it’s acceptable to wear your activewear out, does not mean you should have been extremely active right before you’ve gone out! Don’t take activewear too literally here.


Now that we’ve gotten that little rant out of the way, here’s how to do it right.


We love pairing our activewear with a classic puffer, jean jacket, or statement long coat like below. It looks so effortless yet so cool.



There’s nothing a stunning pair of sunnies cannot glam up. 



Colour coding is key.



Lastly - it wouldn’t be an Alexa Lily approved activewear post without a focus on all the gorgeous blush sneakers out there. #swoon.





*images sourced from Pinterest

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