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Our Top 3 Weekend Looks

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Our Top 3 Weekend Looks

Oh heyyyy it’s Friday! That perfect day of the week where you wrap up the last few work to-do’s and get ready for two blissful days of doing just what you want to. Weekends are euphoric, those two days that we look forward to without fail. And for those ladies that work in environments where a certain dress-code is necessary for the office, it allows for two days where your personal style can shine front and centre and you put your wardrobe to excellent use.

We at Alexa Lily are all about style and comfort and believe that no outfit is worth having sore feet for or having to hold your breath to fit into your dress. When you purchase your wardrobe - think about how the item of clothing makes you feel. And make sure that that feeling is always “FABULOUS”. Life is too short for sore feet!

Below are our top 3 favourite weekend looks for every occasion. 

Brunch with the girls

Flats or statement shoes you can never wear at the office, skinnies, a loose trendy top, and a statement jacket are our best pick.

Dinner out at the newest restaurant

Black, black, black. You cannot go wrong with an all black outfit with a pop of colour. A girl always looks incredibly stylish and confident in all black everything. The best thing about keeping it super neutral is you can style it up with a fun colourful necklace + pop of colour on the lips or even a bright red clutch. 

An easy Sunday lunch with friends/family

Keep it casual yet stylish with a clean pair of sneakers, neat jeans, and a statement white shirt or soft sweater.




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*images sourced from Pinterest

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