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Being more confident 

  Arrrgh confidence! I have spoken about confidence so much this month - in our actual Edit, in my newsletter and now here: it’s just such an important topic it...

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The A - Z of organising

Act - it’s no use reading and rereading “how to’s” or making lists and lists of what needs to be done if you never actually do it. The first thing...

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Creating Your 5 Year Vision

Over the years we have spoken a lot about goals and habits, how to achieve your goals and even your yearly intentions. But lately I have given a lot of...

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How to incorporate more self care into your life this year 

If you have been following The Edit for a while you will know I am a huge advocate of self care, so much so that I even introduced the Wellness...

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How to live simpler this year

Write your priorities down   Examine your life and your priorities. Write down your priorities and then order them. Identify the 3 - 5 most important things in your life...

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It’s time to scrap new year’s resolutions

I absolutely despise new year’s resolutions. I truly believe they set you up for failure and are forgotten about by 20th of January. Mostly they are very practical or materialistic for...

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Be Who You Want To Be This Holiday Season

Gosh! The festive season is so complicated isn’t it? On one hand we have the happy, joyful time of year filled with mince pies and Christmas carols, and on the...

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Let’s talk about stress

I have recently read a lot about “Pandemic Flux Syndrome” and “why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious”.  It’s normal to feel joy as one opens up...

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Get yourself ready for Christmas holidays by being organised now

Yes, yes I am with you: how are we possibly planning Christmas and December holidays? I don’t know what happened to this year - even though that is a complete...

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