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Get yourself ready for Christmas holidays by being organised now

Yes, yes I am with you: how are we possibly planning Christmas and December holidays? I don’t know what happened to this year - even though that is a complete...

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My Favourites: I’m sharing all my favourite things

Thought it would be fun to share some of my every day favourite things. Here are some of my personal recommendations  - from lipsticks to podcasts. Hope you enjoy.   ...

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10 ways to prioritise your mental health and overcome self doubt

If there is one thing that we have all learnt over the past nearly 2 years (!) of living through a pandemic, it’s that one’s mental health is paramount not...

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The Latest Alexa Lily Calendars for 2022

Most of our Alexa Lily product range focuses on our latest 2022 calendars. We have so many options, so there really is one for everyone, and one to fit all...

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Girl Boss Habits That You Need To Start Now

The other day I got a message on Instagram that I have never received. It said, “how do I become a girl boss?” While I am totally flattered to be approached...

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Maternity Leave

  As I sit down to write this I am 7 months pregnant. And yes, I am already thinking about my maternity leave. It’s not the kind of thinking that...

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Making weekly planning sessions work for you

  Gosh, I love planning. You may laugh but it is true. A well planned week can change my entire mood and certainly lower my anxiety levels. It’s one of...

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Wellness Journaling

Wellness - mental, physical and emotional -  has really been a huge focus for me the last couple months. This exploration of overall wellness of one’s self led to me...

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Working From Home Efficiently

Seriously, how are we back to this? Lockdown, third wave, homeschool, working from home, isolation periods, missing friends, missing dinners and parties and get togethers, and even an indulgent coffee...

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