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Wellness Journaling

Wellness - mental, physical and emotional -  has really been a huge focus for me the last couple months. This exploration of overall wellness of...

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Working From Home Efficiently

Seriously, how are we back to this? Lockdown, third wave, homeschool, working from home, isolation periods, missing friends, missing dinners and parties and get togethers,...

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An easy guide to a mid-year goal audit

  OMG Hello end of June! And where did you come from? I sometimes catch myself still thinking we are in the first quarter, and...

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Honouring Winter

  As I wrote this a week ago I feel as if it had to be the coldest night of the year - I was curled up...

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Being The Ultimate Girl Boss

  Being the ultimate girl boss is what we all strive for, right? As I was explaining this (very broad) goal to my husband, he...

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5 Sure Ways to Get Out of a Slump

Does anyone else find themselves hitting these serious slumps every now and then? I find I have such low energy and just feel completely blah....

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Focus on mental health and adding mindful moments to your every day routine

The concept of “mental health” has only really come to the forefront of wellness over the last few years, which seems shocking to me. There...

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Let’s talk about time management

Time management is such a valuable tool to add to your daily routine, and one which will have a direct impact on your output and...

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How to Tackle the Ultimate Home Tidy

I thought long and hard about this post - how to tackle the ultimate home tidy. I am an advocate for a few methods all...

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Simplifying your lockdown life

As I sat down at the beginning of the year to write my intentions for 2021 I still had a glimmer of hope that the...

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Setting your intentions for the new year

Throw resolutions out the window, it’s all about intentions and I am here for it! We all have that long list, but how often do...

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Intentional living during the month of indulgence

If this year forced one positive thing it was to slow down, breathe, pause, and be with one’s family. For many of us that sparked...

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5 Habits to Break Now

Right gals, let’s be honest, we can make lists and follow guides of “do this” and “10 steps” and “how to” but efficiency, organisation, happiness...

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Planning now for a stress-free December break

What?! How am I talking about summer holiday and Christmas plans already? Part of me feels “where did this year go?” and the other side...

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Let’s talk about self care

Self care is such a hot topic at the moment, and one that is really close to my heart. But at the same time I...

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Choosing the Edit for You

The most common question I get emailed, DMed and even called about is “Which is the right Edit for me?” And while I love the...

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Spring Cleaning in 7 easy steps

How long have we been waiting for spring, more importantly what have you been doing for spring cleaning? There is absolutely no denying that this...

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How to use stickers to be more organised

One of my favourite new product launches recently has been our brand new collection of stickers. I absolutely love adding colour and organisation to my daily schedule and list of to-do's. Read More

Let’s talk about Minimalism and Intentional Living

I absolutely love this quote and think that it sums up my lifestyle approach perfectly, ““Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

~ Joshua Becker”

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7 steps to a morning routine for a more successful day!

Let’s just admit it out right that we can all do with a little energy boost and a step towards a more productive day. One super simple way to do this is set up a morning routine. Read More

Get the most out of your To Do List

Okay girls! Let’s talk about TO-DO LISTS. I know I am not the only Queen of the To- Do List out there but I have also been guilty of a never ending to-do list and then getting nothing actually done. So today I want to help you, make the most of your to-do list and talk about why it is so important to format your to-do lists properly so that you actually achieve what you set out to do. Read More

5 tools to Keep an Organised Family

While we all continue to navigate these unprecedented times I, for one, am all about making life easier with all the schedules I need to keep track of. Read More

Behind the scenes: Choosing the next 2021 Edit Planner Covers.

It’s my favourite part of the job, I truly love the whole process and I put in a huge amount of care and time when working on the new collection.  Read More

How To Live with Less

The idea is not to become a minimalist over night but rather to create space for all the important things to shine.   Read More

10 tips on how to be more organised and productive in your home office

There is no denying that Covid19 has thrown us all into a spin! While many of us already had an existing home office or study, for the past few months and the foreseeable future our home offices are now our actual offices.

Here are my 10 tips for your home office so that you are more organised and productive:

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The Alexa Lily Edit - stories for the girlboss on the move.

The Edit, is a blog around being all things organised, simplistic, beautiful and functional. I have been inspired by many great ladies in my life, such as KonMari who's artistry around simplifying your life has had a great impact on me. Over the years I have created my own tidying and organising methods and would like to use this blog as an opportunity to give my followers invaluable tips that have had such an impact on my life. 

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