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10 tips on how to be more organised and productive in your home office

There is no denying that Covid19 has thrown us all into a spin! While many of us already had an existing home office or study, for the past few months and the foreseeable future our home offices are now our actual offices. Here are my 10 tips for your home office so that you are more organised and productive:


1. Tidying up promotes an organised life

Don’t even think about being organised and productive if you are trying to work in a non-designated space or a messy, cluttered space. That’s right girls, it’s time to tidy up! It will take some dedicated time and commitment but it is worth the effort. We love the Marie Condo method of “does it spark joy?” but let’s face it, that arb paper work often sparks the opposite of joy, so is it needed and useful? Yes, keep it. File it. Sort it. Whatever doesn’t belong in your office space needs to find a new home. 


2. Include an organised storage system

Now it’s time to invest in storage - any work materials that can be stowed away, pack away into a cupboard or basket (there are great ones at Mr Price Home, @Home, Weylandts and the copper baskets from Anatomy Design are simply gorge). 


3. Be more organised by using a schedule

Get your schedule into order. Our Alexa Lily Monthly Edit Calendar (on special now for R125) is a must have for any desktop. Yes, it may be half way through 2020 but it is never too late to plot your month-to-month activities, meetings and daily juggles. Having this desk planner easily visible means that you will immediately know your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. 


4. Make it your own organised space

We’re all about working in a beautiful space so make sure you are surrounded by simple, yet stylish decor items. One of our pieces of artwork like “she’s building her empire” will not only add a cool design element to your home office but will also give you extra motivation!


5. Have an organised time management plan

Allocate your time and be strict about it. It’s very easy to just go downstairs or check on the kids or a million other little things but each time you get up, you break your concentration and productivity levels. Even though you may not have loads of social arrangements at the moment I still encourage you girl bosses out there to use your Daily Edits and schedule your day - productivity is all about time management. This goes right down to your coffee breaks, your (and your kids’) Zoom meetings, and email time. One super easy thing to do is full up your water bottle each morning, as if you were going to work, and take it with you to your home office. This stops even quick water breaks that turn into little chores when you leave the room. 


6. Organised Stationery goes along way


Get the equipment and stationery that you need and keep it in your home office. It really is a waste of time running around the house looking for a pen that you need (when we all know your husband or kid stole it). Stock up on your favourite stationery - including Alexa Lily notepads and notebooks so that you have everything you need, neatly organised, in one drawer. We love the range stationery that Typo stocks, a girl boss can never have too many coloured pens or pastel highlighters after all. 


7. An Organised desk declutters your thoughts


Now we get to those desk drawers, shelves and cupboards. Organise them girls! It’s no use having a stylish desktop but everything is a mess underneath. The key is to create a place for everything. @Home has amazing range of perspex organisers, so there really is no excuse for any drawer to be untidy. Channel your inner Home Edit and soon your drawers will be rainbow ordered and you will be ticking off your to do list in no time. 


8. Be strategic about your organised space


Think about proximity when organising your space. Those items that you use everyday need to be easily accessible. If possible have those items on your desk, otherwise use your top desk drawer for those items. Other things like sticky tape or your favourite label maker can be put away in the cupboard for those once a month occurrences. 


9. An organised bin can clarify your mind. 


Let’s talk about rubbish! Firstly, get yourself a decent bin, right there under your desk. The simple, white bins on Superbalist are great. Secondly use it. Never put rubbish down, thinking “this pile needs to go,” if it is trash, it’s trash, throw it away.


10. Have an organised Daily Routine


Finally tidy up daily and restart each morning afresh. That’s right, once your office space is in order, with everything having it’s own space, tidying and keeping it organised is so easy and quick. So before you stop for the day, give your space a quick tidy, it shouldn’t take long and that way when you come back in the morning you can restart with a clear head and space to go and build your empire.


For more tips on how to improve your morning routine checkout 7 steps to a morning routine for a more successful day!

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