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10 ways to prioritise your mental health and overcome self doubt

If there is one thing that we have all learnt over the past nearly 2 years (!) of living through a pandemic, it’s that one’s mental health is paramount not only to wellbeing but to survival. Mental health, like any other aspect of ourselves, takes work and requires conscious attention. Here are some ways I prioritise my mental health: 


  1. Go on a journey of self discovery


There is no way that you can look after yourself and prioritise yourself without knowing yourself. Get yourself on a positive mental health track: take time to get to know yourself by asking yourself important questions (don’t answer these on a whim). Take time, think, slow down and invest in this space of self discovery. Here are some of the questions I have examined in the past and perhaps they will help you too:

  • What do you admire most about yourself?
  • What’s your favourite thing to do?
  • What is your ideal self-care activity?
  • What brings you happiness? I know this can be a hard one, so focus on 5 top  things that bring you happiness. 
  • What are you most proud of? I know those of us with kids tend towards saying “my children” and, while of course they are amazing, I want you to look at your own achievements. For example, what goals have you achieved that you are super proud of?
  • What one thing would make your life 100% better?


  1. Let go of things!


I’ll admit sometimes I struggle to just “let things go” but I try to remember holding onto these “things” is only a burden to myself and a hinderance to my own positive energy. Some of the things I have let go are:


The idea of a “perfect” life.

Making excuses. For example I used to always give an excuse when I couldn’t make an invite. Now I simply reply, “Thanks so much but unfortunately we cannot make it” and it is so liberating!

Worrying what others think of me.

Control! Okay, this is a hard one and takes a lot of determination but I am working on it. 

Fear of failure. 

Overindulging in bad habits.

Trying to make everyone happy.


Of course this list could be a whole lot longer but I have found these things were really affecting my energy and I needed to just “let go” of them. Although I sometimes slip back into old habits, for example, worrying what others think, I do feel a whole lot lighter having let them go. 


  1. Build your own confidence


Confidence is key, right? Of course, all these things play into each other but letting go of the above things, and focusing on my confidence really boosted me. Surrounding myself with positive, supportive people (and only exposing myself to content that inspires me) really builds my confidence. I always preach “own it” and although it takes work, it’s true! 


  1. Overcome your self doubt


Overcoming self doubt is vital for mental health and allows you to push and move forward. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to hide things or push feelings under the carpet. No, own your feelings and suddenly they don’t feel so big anymore. Inline with that is to stop comparing yourself to others. “You are you,” I always say to each of my twins and I really wish us women would take our own advice. My biggest tip for overcoming your self-doubt is to remember your “why” and to trust your own values. 


  1. Start these habits


I have spoken about routine and habits such a lot but here is a quick cheat sheet:


  • Wake up early
  • Get organised the night before
  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • Rest and don’t feel guilty about it
  • Meditate and exercise 
  • Make yourself a priority
  • Identify your goals


  1. Incorporate more self care into your life


Here I am preaching the self care when I know it is such a hard element of one’s life to prioritise, especially with all the hats us women are expected to wear. But self care needs to be a guilt-free priority. Here are 3 tips that have taken my self care to a whole new level:


1. Disconnect! Yes, I said it. Disconnecting from wifi and social media is the only way to connect with yourself. Deep breathe, I am not saying forever. Prioritise your time and allocate “no social media blocks.” Trust me: it's life changing. 


2. Relax and rejuvenate — however that may be. Take the time and indulge in it!


3. Declutter and organise — it will have an overall calming effect on your life and will also enable you to be more efficient with your time. 


  1. Put your mental health first 


Making a conscious decision to put your mental health first will change your life. Sometimes your goal for the day should just be looking after yourself, and that’s the most important thing you can focus on.


  1. Find ways to cope with your stress


Stress is inevitable, but how you cope with it is what matters.  Here are a few tips to best cope with stress:


Try and identify your unhealthy coping mechanisms

Get physical - exercise gets the right hormones going

Build and maintain positive relationships 

Focus on yourself in the moment, and identify what you need: changing your attitude can work wonders


  1. Embrace a mindfulness routine


Work out what works for you but having a more mindful routine can really benefit your mental health. It may look something like this:


Workout, Stretch, journal, organise, affirmations, unplug/disconnect


  1. Start a wellness journal


We believe that cultivating a life of meaning and purpose develops grounding and balance, which results in a sense of joy in your daily life. Our Alexa Lily wellness journal simply inspires small shifts in your daily routine as well as keeps track of your progress along the way. Think of it as an aid for channeling your best you. 

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