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5 Habits to Break Now

Right gals, let’s be honest, we can make lists and follow guides of “do this” and “10 steps” and “how to” but efficiency, organisation, happiness and calmness in one’s life, and physical and mental space can only come if we stop doing certain things. And we all have those little bad habits which creep into our lives. Sometimes we don’t even realise that they are “negatively” effecting our productivity and energy but these habits really need to be broken in order to move forward with a more holistic lifestyle. So the first step is to identify whether your daily habits are useful or not. Stop and think about it, take the time to examine your habits, and then decide whether they are here to stay or if it’s time to commit to breaking them! 


Here are some of the habits I think that we all need to stop:


  1. Get rid of negativity


Why is it that we always take negativity and criticism more seriously than enthusiasm and encouragement. There are two forms of negativity: (1) from within, that horribly inner voice of insecurity telling you that you can’t do it, you don’t have time, you just aren’t good enough; and (2) the the voice of those peeps that just don’t have your back. Maybe their negativity isn’t as obvious as saying “ you can’t do this” but it’s underlying, often passive aggressive negativity that breaks your spirit.


Get rid of that inner voice gals! The moment you hear a negative thought - stop, acknowledge, and turn it around. It takes some getting used to and some practice but seriously be your own cheerleader. 


As for the others: life is too short for negative people in your life. And even if the negativity isn’t in your face: are the people in your life adding positivity? 


2. Stop using the following words “busy” and “not enough”  


“Busy” is such a lame excuse actually, I dislike the word as an excuse. And the same goes for “not enough”, for example “not enough time,” “not enough capacity.” You can create time by organising your life and prioritising what you need and want to do. Taking steps to be more productive and efficient lets you release the excuse of “too busy”. There are so many tips on The Edit Blog to help you with this, such as:


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Getting rid of these excuses means you are one step closer to achieving your goals. 


3. Stop waiting for the right moment and putting things off


We can all come up with a list of things that we need to do or achieve before we can get down to business — to start something or get what we want to get done. But really all those things can be summed up as procrastination! The moment you realise the time is now and you just need to start, you will see that there is nothing truly standing in your way. 


4. This one is a big one, STOP comparing yourself


Gosh, we are all so guilty of this one! In the time of scrolling through perfect Instagram feeds comparison is such a toxic habit that filters into our lives. I can write how no one’s life is perfect and feeds are a curated space, blah blah but truly comparison is something that you need to let go of yourself. It’s no use comparing your marriage to a friend’s, your business or your children or your home or work or success to any one else. For me, comparison really is such a toxic action for productivity - you waste so much time drawing the comparisons that you are missing the opportunity to examine your own uniqueness. “You be you” has got to be one of my favourite phrases, and it’s so true for positive self image and success. 


5. Stop convincing yourself you have to be “busy” all the time


There I go about the “busy all the time” again. Stop thinking being productive is sitting at your desk making up way to be “busy”. It’s okay to not be at your desk, to take time out. Create your daily schedule and stick to it, schedule in your breaks and indulge in them. Sitting in front of your computer convincing yourself that you are busy is actually counterproductive. Success is all about time management and efficient productivity, and that’s such a great lesson to learn. Again browse my posts on The Edit for ways to organise your time and schedule for ultimate efficiency, and then take a break to breathe, away from your desk! 




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