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5 tools to Keep an Organised Family

While we all continue to navigate these unprecedented times I, for one, am all about making life easier with all the schedules I need to keep track of. From the work schedules of my husband and myself to our girls’ Zoom classes and digital learning activities - we have managed to somehow keep up with their ballet, music classes and have even organised virtual playdates between friends. Some days I feel like it may all just spin out of control unless I am meticulous organised and stay on top on things. 

Last month I gave you my 10 tips on how to be more organised and productive in your home office and I can’t emphasise enough how much these guidelines help with overall calmness and organisation. Now that I have the foundation set up, it’s so easy to schedule and keep track of everything in an efficient and fun way. I also like to plan ahead for family and friends’ birthdays and food deliveries so meal planning and online shopping is super key to my daily time management. 


One way to juggle everything in an easy way it to equip yourself with the right tools. Here are some of my favourite items to get you from “just managing” to thriving with your daily schedule. 

 1. Organise your family using a daily planner

Of course this is my number one tool. It’s why I started Alexa Lily in the first place! Someone asked me whether I still use my planner as much now that we are staying at home and my answer is truly “more than ever”. I can’t imagine being organised without it. 

Remember the following pages are key to productivity and organisation:

Budgeting - these pages are a great way to keep track of all those online “add to cart” moments. 

The daily time schedules are also a win for meetings and appointments, even if they are online! 

And finally, this time of slowing down at home can really be embraced and gives you a chance to think about your goals and thoughts for each month and then write them down.  

2. Use coloured pens and stickers can motivate and inspire a more organised family

organised family sticker options

I am all about colour in my Edits and colour co-ordinating my planners. I love the Creative Dual Markers (12 in a pack) from Typo / Cotton On as well as our Planner Sticker Packs available online (Planner Stickers). They are such a fun way to add a bit of excitement to your pages and if you colour coordinate meetings or family members you can easily see where you are and what you need to get done. Side note: we are busy adding in 4 new sticker pack designs which we will be launching online soon, so stay tuned! 

3. An organised family should plan weekly or monthly

Really, this is such a useful tool for keeping track of your daily tasks and to do lists. Some of the things I always make a note of is birthdays to shop for - especially now during CoronaVirus and Social Distancing. I like to order gifts online and send them directly to the birthday gal. Make notes of these sorts of thing on your schedule so you don’t miss your BFF’s special day or a teacher’s birthday. I also like to do an extensive meal plan on this schedule so that it’s all decided at the beginning of my week and I can do a big shop. Checkout our monthly and weekly calendars which has the option to add a magnet on the back so you can pop it onto your fridge for everyone to see. 

4. Practicing self care leads to a more organised family

I am all about self care during this time. If you look after yourself, then your entire home will benefit from you calm, rested vibe. Of course this isn’t always that easy lets be honest but one or two moments of “me time” are so important. I like to start my day with my online Barre Body Class (check them out if you have not heard about them before  - I am totally hooked!), all before my family wakes and the day disappears. Also, my morning coffee to kickstart my day (obviously!). 

5. Use free tools to help organise family schedule

I have found some great kids schedule printable off Etsy which have really helped my girls follow a routine of the day and distinguish between weekdays and weekends. I love that this little illustrated guide helps them with their independence on a daily basis and, of course, gives me a little more time to get my things done quickly and efficiently.

I hope these tools help you become more organised and focused for the days ahead! 

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