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Be Who You Want To Be This Holiday Season

Gosh! The festive season is so complicated isn’t it? On one hand we have the happy, joyful time of year filled with mince pies and Christmas carols, and on the other we have complicated family dynamics, budget pressures and a whole lot of emotions and expectations. And while there is no magic wand to wave these complications away, there are a few things, let’s call them “strategies,” that can help you be you, and your best you at that. 


  1. Manifest your best self. “Oh yes,” you say, “that is definitely easier said than done.” But truly, a few tips and tricks can really help you be your best self:
  • Don’t judge your own feelings as good or bad
  • Visualise your desired outcome — this creates positive energy around it
  • Acknowledge to yourself when something feels uncomfortable and work with that feeling
  • Be super clear with your own boundaries 
  • Let go of the need to control everything 


2. Communication is key

I know this sounds boring but communication during the festive season is so important. Don’t bottle it all up so that this time next year you lash out and hold resentment for holidays past. Be it with your mother-in-law who is over stepping, or your partner who you feel isn’t pulling their weight, to budget stresses or logistical nightmares. All these situations invite a “communication moment’ which is so valuable for your holiday calmness and also for your relationships. At the same time I am also all about positivity and feel these moments need to be acknowledged too: a simple “thank you for organising everything” or “you did a great job with the kids” are positive reinforcements that benefit everyone when expressed! 


 3. Remember yourself

I am the first to admit to a bad case of FOMO during the holiday season and never want to miss out on a beach outing or late night conversation around the dinner table. At the same time this is your holiday too! The moment I started prioritising myself during holidays I realised how much more I enjoyed the entire time away. I am obviously not saying we can all check in at the spa for the day - although that does sound amazing - but I am talking about the little things like a longer bath, or still going for a run, reading a book, or having a dip in the ocean by yourself instead always being the one to watch the kids. 


4. Holiday goals

Linked to the above, setting yourself holiday goals is so valuable. Obviously these look different to the rest of your year goals and are much more about self-care, and relationships but holidays can be a time to reconnect and relfect. A lot of people struggle with holiday goals, so here are some intentions which may spark your own ideas for your break:

  • Leave my phone behind/ cut my screen time hours
  • Reconnect with my family
  • Keep up my fitness by still exercising 3 times a week
  • Trying 3 new recipes that I have wanted to try for so long
  • Pay attention to my personal life and make it a priority
  • Read 3 books which have been on my wish list for months
  • Face mask every 3 days

These are all perfectly achievable on holiday and once you make them clear to yourself you will see how easily you can achieve these intentional moments. 


5. Breathe out

And I mean this in every way possible. Deep breaths, yoga on the beach, let it go! Try and see the best in everyone, including yourself. 


Happy holidays beautiful gals. I look forward to connecting again in the new year. 

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