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Being The Ultimate Girl Boss


Being the ultimate girl boss is what we all strive for, right? As I was explaining this (very broad) goal to my husband, he looked at me and simply said, “what does that mean?” Which made me realise, he has a point. For me, being a girl boss is about being an awesome woman but I did think a bit more about it and I think it is about an inner strength of mind and body that leads to ultimate success. 


This got me thinking about my daily habits, and whether these ultimately guide me to becoming a better girl boss. Here are some of my habits which have resulted in me kicking ass and being a serious girl boss: 


  1. I have a plan

I have all sorts of plans, short term and long term… as in, “what I am going to do this morning” as well as a (somewhat more flexible) 5 year plan. My daily plan is something I write down everyday, and I prioritise tasks and commitments according to my plan. 


2. Knowledge is power, baby! 


I take time to educate myself by listening to podcasts and TedTalks and continuously trying to better myself in all aspects of my life. 


Not sure where to start? These girl boss TedTalks are some of my faves and definitely worth a listen:

(Side note: I have a strange relationships with TedTalks, I am either completely obsessed or I forget about them for months.)

  1. How to stop screwing yourself over, Mel Robbins
  2. Why you need to be a bitch, Tabatha Coffey 
  3. How to gain control of your free time, Laura Vanderkam


3. Say no with no excuses


Eeek. I used to be so bad at this. I would deliberate over saying no to someone, and then make up a million reasons why I had to say no, and then get caught in a tangle of lies, and then feel anxious about the lies being found out… that ain’t no girl boss behaviour. Now I just say “no” with no excuses or stresses. What does this sound like? “Thanks for the invite but unfortunately we won’t be able to make it” or “I am sorry but I won’t be able to do that.”


4. Know your finances and be smart with them


Know your stuff ladies! From making a budget and keeping track of it, to knowing where your money goes, saving, and investing. Money management is serious stuff but really important for the benefit of your future. 


5. Prioritise ME time


We are all wearing so many hats: woman, employee, employer, some of us have mother added to that, not to mention wife or partner, friend, daughter, sister… it’s a lot! And somehow we always land up putting ourselves lowest on our list of priorities. NO! You are your priority, and you need to ensure that you value that. Make time for yourself. I am not talking 5 hours a day, even just a few minutes for yourself can go a long way. 


Linked to this is making your health a priority. Exercise, eat properly, take vitamins, chat to a therapist, get enough sleep (that is huge). Taking care of your mental and physical health is taking care of yourself. If you are healthy and happy you won’t believe the staggering effects on your efficiently and productivity, and ultimately success. 


6. Be organised and do what you got to do


Plan and organise your life to work for you. Plan your days so that the right things are a priority. In that way, your time is used efficiently, and you can focus and structure your days and goals coherently. 


Being a girl boss myself I am an advocate for and cheerleader of any girl bosses out there. You can do it! Look after yourself and commit to being the best, most successful version of yourself possible all while staying true to who you are. Boom! There is your little motivational talk. You can do it. 

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