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Behind the scenes: Choosing the next 2021 Edit Planner Covers.

I am one of those people that always watch the “behind-the-scenes” videos or read the inspiration behind those luxury fashion shows or interior design renovation edits so I thought it would be fun to give you all a little insight into how I choose the Edit covers each year - let’s just say it’s one of my favourite parts of the job! 



Firstly it’s all about finding inspiration for the new covers. 


I love the process that comes with finding the inspiration behind the covers and their colours. Its usually a mix of scrolling through Pintrest as well as finding beautiful colours and patterns in all of my favourite decor and fashion magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Architectural Digest. I love to spend a few hours, after dropping off the kids at school, at my local book store (Exclusive Books) scrolling through various magazines and books finding all sorts of inspiration - usually fuelled by lots of coffee. I then collate all of this into a mood boards with various categories. I spend ages thinking about it - changing my mind a lot, often while I am running (my absolute favourite time to think about things) or lying in bed in the evening. And then sometimes I just tweak small things here and there to find the right balance. The whole process can take anything from a month to 2 months depending on the deadline. 


I then hone in to make the covers relevant for the year ahead. 


I think the inspiration for 2021 came during the initial lockdown when I really wanted to focus on something that brought a sense of beauty and wonder back to my customer amidst so much uncertainty that was happening globally and within our homes. It was an immediate reaction for me personally and this is certainly what connects all the others covers for 2021. The first cover really epitomises wonder, beauty and hope with a touch of magic. I also am so drawn to colour at the moment, and the combination of colours and patterns, and how this can make you feel. It's often a final tweak at the end - changing and swapping colours that tie the whole collection together.


And lastly, I have to finalise everything! 


This process is two fold. Initially it will be working on my mood board and then categorising the covers into sections that I want to focus on so for example, I like to have a bold cover, a floral design of some sort, an abstract, a geometric pattern, and maybe something a little quirky or fun. Ideally something that will appeal to everyone. It’s quite hard to find the right balance but I think the 2020 collection gave the customer a lot more variation than the years before.  I always include our signature blush pink in the design (not necessarily in all of them) because this is hugely popular amongst you gals. I think it's a beautiful mix of being both simplistic yet feminine.  But the main focus is on the simplicity as well as design so a good mix of both neutral and bold covers. I also just go with my instinct and how these covers make me feel. And most important is that I love every single cover in this collection for 2021. I think they represent Alexa Lily very well and many woman plus a few men (perhaps) will identify with them.  


As I said, it’s my favourite part of the job, I truly love the whole process and I put in a huge amount of care and time when working on the new collection. I am also so lucky to work with designers who are able to conceptualise all of this into a printable design. We really are a great all women team! 

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