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Focus on mental health and adding mindful moments to your every day routine

The concept of “mental health” has only really come to the forefront of wellness over the last few years, which seems shocking to me. There are so many examples of when women’s mental health issues were not only not identified but then not acknowledged or helped. If you have watched the documentary Britney Unframed you will know exactly what I am talking about. From postpartum depression to PTSD, to every day anxieties and stress, mental health is such a valid part of our existence and needs to be prioritised. 


There are, of course, a number of scientific ways to deal with mental health issues but small mindful moments in one’s everyday routine nurture your mental health, and by adding these “mindful moments” to your life you are prioritising your mental wellness. 


Here are my tips for adding mindful moments to your everyday life:


  1. Acknowledge anxiety

I am not saying every one of is suffering from extreme anxiety, a disorder or postpartum depression but I can confidently say that all of us are suffering from anxiety in one form or another - be it work or relationship stresses, motherhood guilt or COVID concerns. Acknowledge anxiety in your life and, if possible, identify the source. 


2. Structure your day

A simple structure to your day can have wonderful effects on your mental health - it allows you to feel more in control of your day. Once you have the structure in place you can focus on not only what needs to be done but also on what brings you joy and happiness.


3. Start your day on a high

Mindful moments are not huge gestures, they are small moments that keep you on track - those conscious little decisions which ultimately lead to less anxiety. I am all for the start of your day being positive and motivating. Here are some of the ways I bring mindful moments into my morning:

  • A cup hot water and lemon
  • Yoga 
  • Waking up 15 minutes earlier than the rest of my household 
  • Then I try think of at least one thing that will motivate me for the day, and I link this to the simple things in my life: that quiet time in the evening, or a long walk, or reading my book before bed. 


A morning routine can be such a powerful way to start the day, plan it so that it works for you, and so that you look forward to this part of your day. 


4. Be the queen of your to-do list

How many times have I spoken about to-do lists?! There is a method to them and I am all for using your lists to calm yourself, structure your time, and feel more fulfilled - which will ultimately enhance your mental and emotional well being. It’s really worth going through my tips for how to get the most out of your to-do list here as a way of streamlining your never-ending list of tasks. 


5. Get your sleep gals

Honestly, I am not very good at this one. By the end of the day I know I stay up too late and I always justify it as it being the only time of the day for self indulgences, time alone, and to just be. So I get it, trust me. But we know it, sleep and stress are directly related - more sleep equals less stress. You body revitalises itself during your sleeping hours so that you have the capacity to deal with those anxious moments during the day. Ideally you need between 7 and 10 hours a day! Gasp! Try it. It’s taking mindful care of yourself. If you struggle to sleep, I really encourage you to try this amazing product called Sleep Tight 


6. Self care is not a buzz word

Why do none us women priorities self care? It’s the first thing we forfeit when the going gets tough, and it’s then that we probably need it most. Self care looks different for everyone but it’s in these moments of slowing down that you have the time to build up the energy to tackle the next event in your life. And self care doesn’t have to be long or massive or even out of the house. Think thinks like: working out, reading your book, going for a walk etc. I swear that practicing self care takes you a massive step closer to mental wellbeing. 


I hope this helps you ladies. Mental health is such a passion of mine. I really hope that I have convinced you to bring a few mindful moments into your own life, to prioritise mental wellbeing, and a  happier, less anxious you. 

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