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Get Organised Once and For All

Whenever I am chatting to my friends, aka fellow girl bosses, the topic of getting (and ultimately staying) organised always comes up. Because of the nature of my business they all nod in agreement with the challenges we face and then turn their heads simultaneously to me as if I have all the answers.

This recent convo got me thinking: we are always trying to play catch up, trying to get organised, trying to make it better, but can we ever get to the point of just being organised and it works? My answer is, “YES” and I am going to share how.

It all comes down to one simple tip and here it is: use your planner effectively, to the optimum by putting certain things into your Edit. Boom! 


I firmly believe that if you put these 10 things into your Edit, you will be, feel and stay organised.


  1. Start with not-to-be-missed special days: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and special occasions.
  2. Move onto financial info. Let’s just admit, it’s pretty important. Here are some of the finance- related things that I always include in my Edit:

- Account due dates

- Usernames and passwords (I kid you not) 

- A saving plan 

- Any work related or “claimable” expenses 

- Tax due dates

  1. Then I get onto the fun stuff:

- Parties and social events, this includes RSVP deadlines or even a reminder a few days before to send flowers or buy a gift. 

- In my notes I have a list of books/series that I want to read or watch. As soon as
              someone mentions it, I write it down.

  1. I always use my planner in a whole new way when planning and going on a trip:

- I write down all flight/travel details, hotel details

- I create a budget page and then, while away, a spend page. 

- Packing lists 

- My must-see lists, e.g., a shop or restaurant I want to try in a new city.

  1. At the back of my edit, I have a wish list! I wish my husband would read this, but I have a little list of things I would really like.
  2. Health stuff! There is always so much to remember:

- I have a page for each child and myself and even my husband on health - when we are sick, what we took, what the doctor said etc. 

- I always note kid vaccination dates (and our Covid ones)

- I use our water tracker in the pages without fail.

- I always time block my exercise times, even if it isn’t a set scheduled class, I set time for my run so that it is part of my routine and schedule. 

- The same goes for my self care, nails, hair etc - it is all scheduled in. 

- My period. I make a note of my cycle, as well as my “sensitive days” leading up to my   

              period, I even make a note to go to bed that much earlier.

  1. Our home! As a working mom and homemaker, my home needs to be super organised and I can only do that my keeping track of everything in my diary too:

- I use our meal planner space everyday

- I block out time on a Sunday evening to meal plan for the week and write my grocery lists. 

- I keep track of household maintenance and car maintenance 

  1. All my to do lists. I don’t have 500 little pieces of paper with lists of what needs to be done. It’s all in my diary, easy to find and reference.
  2. Important contact details: obviously my phone has every contact of every person that I know, and some I don't, but in my Edit I have the most important contacts.
  3. Mom stuff, aka my entire life. Without using my Edit it’s impossible to keep track of everything that 3 other people are doing and what they need:

- The kids’ actives and extra murals, playdates and parties

- Any school dates: parents evenings, fundraisers etc

- Contact information for the school and teachers

- Due dates for school projects, or special events for example “show and tell” or “library day” 





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