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Get the most out of your To Do List

Okay girls! Let’s talk about TO-DO LISTS. I know I am not the only Queen of the To- Do List out there but I have also been guilty of a never ending to-do list and then getting nothing actually done. So today I want to help you, make the most of your to-do list and talk about why it is so important to format your to-do lists properly so that you actually achieve what you set out to do. 


Here are my top tips for the ultimate TO-DO LIST, which will help you cross things off!


1. Allocate time to your To Do List


I am not talking about allocating time to do your list (we will get there) but rather allocate time to write your to-do list. I like to do this first thing on a Monday morning. It’s part of my weekly ritual and I actually love it. I use my Daily Edit and my Weekly Schedule Calendar,  I use stickers and coloured pens and I take the time to create my to-do list for the week. 


 2. Categorise your To Do List


I am sorry to break it to you but that long to-do list that just has a million things on it is actually not very helpful. You need to embrace categories and list the things that need to get done under the correct category. Some of my categories include: 

Home, Kids, Shops, Admin (such as banking and bills), Work (under work, I then have subcategories like Project A, B and C)


3. Complete Your To Do List One week at a time


I focus on the now and write the list each week. If I think of something that needs to be done in a months time, I make a note on the first Monday in my Edit. I don’t have a long list that will be carried around for the next year. That is by no means productive and we all know we will rewrite that list a hundred times.


4. Tick off your To Do List


Here is a silly thing I do every time I write a list, I always put two things on the list that I have done already just so that I can tick them off. Some of you may call this lame but it get’s me motivated and it’s my quirk that works for me. 


Right, now you have the actual list for the week ticking things will be that much easier, first because your list is neat, categorised and secondly, it lists only this week’s tasks making that much more manageable. 


Once I have my list for the week, I use my Edit and write in the tasks on the day that they need to be done. Obviously the most urgent task will happen today versus the not so urgent which will only happen later in the week. You will now see that you only have one or two tasks per day and that is easily achievable. And then I go further as to allocate the time at which they will be done, for example 9am make necessary phone calls, organise food deliveries / online orders. This time management makes your list a tool of achievement rather than a burden. 


I also know, after some late night Zoom calls with my girlfriends, that many of us have faced some frustration over the expectation (often self imposed) of achieving so much during this time at home, yet not actually getting there.


 As for the guilt or failed expectations regarding this period, I can say two things:

  1. A global health pandemic is really an unusual situation, so give yourself a break and take some deep breaths and have some chocolate! 
  2. I like to look at my “lockdown list” as goals and thoughts rather than a to do list. Tidy tidy tidy is hardly a positive image to carry over you during this period whereas “create a peaceful, home environment” is an overall vibe that you would like to achieve. I have a list of things I would like to get done but it is not all work, it includes the movies I want to watch, the rooms I would like to redecorate and the books I want to read! 


I am a firm believer in positive energy especially when there is so much anxiety over the unknown at the moment. So make sure you do embrace this period for self and family care: the movie nights and time out with your book are as important, if not more so, than ticking off the endless chores - the chores will still be there when all this is over and done with, whereas time like this will probably never come again. 


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