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Girl Boss Habits That You Need To Start Now

The other day I got a message on Instagram that I have never received. It said, “how do I become a girl boss?” While I am totally flattered to be approached with this question, my answer is far more complicated than “do this or that.” What is a girl boss to me? It’s a woman who has taken control of her life. I believe that being successful is all about hard work and hustling, and as a small business owner and proud woman, here are 8 things that I think help elevate any girl boss status.


  1. Prioritise your health. This includes a healthy relationship with food, exercise and loads of water. It also involves equipping yourself with a support system that truly supports you. While I am all about girlfriends and sisters holding you up, when it comes to your health I am also talking about meditation guides, psychologists, life coaches, homeopaths, GPs, acupuncturists, yoga instructors etc etc that have got you, and support your physical and mental wellbeing. 


  1. Self Care. I know, I know, I go on and on about self care but it is really that important. A friend told me the other day that her simplest form of self care is an extra long hot shower to start her day. While I am a firm believer in small moments as part of self care, we need to take more time for our self care than just a longer shower. On this note, sleep is vital to optimum function. I hate that we are all guilty of not prioritising our sleep, and rather it is one of the first things to take the slack when we have a deadline or someone else needs to be a priority. It may sound ridiculous as a tip for being the best girl boss but it’s true: go to sleep!


  1. Sort out your time management. The only way to get more done is to have more time, and the only way to have more time is to make more time. Managing your time is the ultimate path to productivity — it allows better organisation and better efficiency. 


  1. Set goals. What are you working towards if you don’t have a goal? Your goals can be small or big but they need to be specific. Don’t just say “become a girl boss” but rather outline exactly what you want to achieve. 


  1. Get organised. There are so many ways and choices when it comes to organisation so you need to do what works for you but good organisation is key. I’ve said it before — organisation equals productivity and efficiency which ultimately, mixed with hard work, equals girl boss. 


  1. Make lists. Just a simple tip, but trust me. 


  1. Routines are powerful. Get into a good, healthy, productive routine which works for you and your lifestyle, and fits in with your goals that you have set.


  1. Be smart with your finances. Now I know you may think that a girl boss has a disposable income and spends her days shopping and sipping champagne but unfortunately that isn’t real life. For me, being financially independent and money smart is the ultimate classification of being a girl boss. If you need help, get help with financial planning and stick to it. 


I know it sounds as if the trip to becoming a girl boss just got a whole lot more boring. But the truth is, being successful takes sacrifices and hard work. If you are enjoying the work then it doesn’t matter. I am lucky to love my job and I consider myself a girl boss just for finding something I love and have managed to make a business out of. Go find your thing, gals! 

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