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How to incorporate more self care into your life this year 

If you have been following The Edit for a while you will know I am a huge advocate of self care, so much so that I even introduced the Wellness Journal to the Alexa Lily family last year. Self care is such a valuable part of one’s life, and we all know it is also the first thing to drop off the list when things get a little crazy. I love the words of Cleo Wade, “And while you hold it all together, who is holding you?” Us women need to prioritise ourselves and take care of ourselves (and each other of course). 


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What is so important to me is that women realise that self care needs to be a daily practice, and when executed, self care can drastically improve your mental health. When people hear self care they immediately think about a morning at a luxurious spa but while a pamper session is always awesome, self care is much more than a beauty treatment. 


Now I know we are all super busy so here are my tips for Super Busy People Who Need Some Serious Self Care!


  1. Set Boundaries 


We all know it and yet we all let our boundaries lapse. By standing by one’s boundaries we allow ourselves to prioritise ourselves, and at the same time we create less anxiety and stress about other people. Boundaries give us a clean limit based on our own needs and abilities. Once you have a clear set of boundaries you are able to clarify them and stick to them. Even if you are emotionally vulnerable at a particular time, boundaries ensure you stay aligned with your own personal values and integrity. 


  1. Fresh Air


Do I need to even comment on how valuable a big dose of fresh air is? My mum always used to say “go for a walk” when I called in distress from the other side of the world. And now, like many other bits of my mother’s advice, I know she is right. Deep breaths gals. 


  1. Eat Well




I cook for everyone but skip meals myself. Sound familiar? We need to reexamine this. I don’t need to explain that a healthy lifestyle, and giving yourself the right nutrition is the ultimate self care out there. 


  1. Ask For Help


Don’t be too proud to ask for help. No one can do everything and it’s really true that “it takes a village.” Whether at work, at home, or with the kids, help is needed — it is natural and a necessity. 


  1. Be Inspired 


There is nothing like being inspired to fulfil oneself and feel renewed energy. Take time to be inspired and identify what inspires you - a book, magazine, instagram, people watching. Incorporate the beauty of being inspired into your life. 


Now, how to achieve it all? I know that the concept of taking time for oneself can be overwhelming - “how will I fit more into my life?” we all ask ourselves. Here are four simple tips to help you navigate achieving self care as part of your every day routine. 


  1. Schedule time to think, to slow down and work it all out. Time blocking is a great. 
  2. Always do the things that you dread first! That’s right, just get them out of the way! 
  3. Reward yourself! I am not joking, I am all for a bit of a self reward system! 
  4. Always prioritise your goals. 


Remember self care can be simple things that fill your bucket. Going away on a week’s break may be something we all need but truly it is not realistic. However, daily moments can count towards your self care quota too - simple things like journaling, time with a girlfriend, and eating mindfully all help better oneself and take care of you, which is what self care is all about. 



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