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How to live simpler this year

  1. Write your priorities down


Examine your life and your priorities. Write down your priorities and then order them. Identify the 3 - 5 most important things in your life and make sure that these are at the top of the list. Now, don’t loose the list. Make sure you have this list somewhere so you can keep referring back to it. We suggest writing it in your Daily Edit so it’s always on hand and easily accessible that way whenever you need to make a decision you can reference your priorities and align your decision to what is most important to you. 


2. Stop multitasking


Yes, yes! I know, us women pride ourselves in multitasking but seriously: stop it! By focusing on one task at a time is much more time efficient. And that also means putting down your phone. I recently read how important it is to be bored: stop looking at your phone while watching your favourite series or even in a queue in Woolies. One thing at a time.


3. Value your time


This one is tricky but start valuing your time, learn to say no (without giving a million excuses) and to spend time on what is most important to you. 


4. Declutter! 


This is a big one: a tidy, organised space means a tidy, organised, simplified mind. Take the time to clean up - its great for your mental wellbeing and stress levels: clear space, clear mind. 


5. Turn off social media


I have already spoken about turning off your phone but even more importantly is turning off your social media. These constant digital connections are distracting and often create a negative energy in one’s life. I am not saying quit all social media platforms - I am the first one to admit I love Instagram! But recognise the value in taking a break, ditching bad social media habits - yes I am talking about the mindless scrolling in bed. 


6. Consume less and more consciously


Consuming more consciously is the ultimate way to simplify your life, don’t let yourself get caught up in the materialistic “must have it all” mindset and focus on true wants and needs. Quality over quantity makes for a more refined lifestyle which is simpler and richer or deeper at the same time. 


7. Take a break


Yip! Go on holiday, lie on your bed, breathe in the fresh air, go for a walk, pause. It is all a way to just give yourself a break, a moment to regroup and value yourself and your own mental health. Jumping off the constant “go go go” train and just slowing down allows you to then focus on points 1 - 6. Be quiet with yourself and you will be amazed at home much else falls into place. 





I wish you a simpler year filled with calmer moments. 

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