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How to Tackle the Ultimate Home Tidy

I thought long and hard about this post - how to tackle the ultimate home tidy. I am an advocate for a few methods all rolled into one: part of me really connects with Marie Condo’s method of ‘does it bring you joy?’ whereas the major edit of The Home Edit (hello, a must watch Netflix series) also really speaks to me so I decided to label this The Ultimate Home Tidy the Alexa Lily Way. Let’s get it done in 5 steps:


  1. Throw it away


Grab a huge big black bag and walk through your house and throw away anything you can. Be ruthless. I am a huge advocate for starting with the rubbish because at least anything else you do, you are tidying and organising from a clean slate. 


2. Categorise


I categorise my spaces. Here are some examples of categories but these would differ for everyone - your home is your space and you know it best: main bedroom, children’s bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, home office, play area, living area. Make a list of categories which work for you. I often create subcategories for example: kitchen, and then have I also have pantry and fridge. Do not forget the following: garage, car, handbag! 


3. Three big boxes


I then get three big boxes:

  1. Throw away
  2. Store
  3. Donate


These three sorting boxes makes it quick and easy to “redirect” when sorting. 


4. Schedule your tidying


As you know I swear by scheduling anything that needs to be done, and that includes tidying. Having the tidying time in your Edit means that you have committed to that “activity” for the day. I take my scheduling one step further and allocate a category (from step 2) to my schedule. I then know exactly what needs to be done: no more, no less.


5. The rest of your life


There are other parts of your life which need tidying and streamlining that are often over looked. For me, these are my digital devices (the cringe worthy part of my organisation - I am after all, a paper gal!). But make sure you add a category for tech, and subcategories to include mobile phone and computer. These devices are such a big part of our everyday lives, we spend hours in front of these screens yet often they are the most unorganised spaces. Categorise apps, get rid of old contacts, back up photos and clear up your mail and desktop. You won’t believe what this digital cleanse will do for you. 


Top tips:


You cannot tidy a full cupboard. Yip, I am going to say it: pull everything out, wipe down the shelves and repack. It is the only way. 


Embrace labels. I am all about labelling where everything goes so putting things away is as easy as finding them. From my pantry goods to my linen cupboard, even my children’s clothes, the shelves are neatly labeled. I use the Brother PT-D210 Home and Small Office Label Printer. It has really been a fantastic organisation tool investment. 


Containers. Having containers on shelves or in cupboards again helps keep things neat and in their place. I love the plastic crates available at Typo and Cloud and Co and @Home is the exclusive stockist for the Home Edit range! I know, OMG! 


Make sure your organisation system suits those who use it. There is no point organising your husband's toiletries into rainbow order or your kids’ things where they can’t reach. Be practical and simple. 


Be ruthless. If you haven’t used it in the last six months (bar themed items like Christmas decorations) you probably don’t need the item.


I hope this helps you tidy and create a more organised home. Best of luck ladies, I know you can do it! 


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