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How to use stickers to be more organised

One of my favourite new product launches recently has been our brand new collection of stickers. I absolutely love adding colour and organisation to my daily schedule and list of to-do's.

Yes, they are fun, they add pops of colour and interest to your Diaries. They also fill in those blank spaces (and let’s all admit they are the perfect tool to hide the odd typo here and there). But actually their purpose can be more than that. 

Here is how I like to use my stickers to take my organisation and planning to a whole new level. 

1. Help prioritise tasks and deadlines

Stickers are a great way to flag important tasks, deadlines or important commitments. I always use a sticker to mark unmissable work deadlines, or tasks that need to be done as a matter of urgency. When I have marked these important tasks, I immediately notice them when I open my Diary and they grab my attention. I then tackle these priorities immediately and without fail, nothing is forgotten.

2. Stickers make me that much neater and even more organised (Yes! It Is possible!)

 I do have the tendency for my handwriting to “take over” each day in my Edit and then my pages sometimes have the tendency to get a bit messy, which (a) drives me crazy and (b) does nothing for my productivity! Stickers can solve this.

They helps categorise different aspects of my life - I have a colour for work, a colour for children, a colour for family activities and a colour for home tasks. I also use stickers to mark my daily shopping lists, extra murals, staff payment and bills, social media schedule, appointments and little reminders. I use different colours for clients, children, hobbies etc.

You can also use your stickers to flag specific routine events, habit tracking for eating or exercise.

3. Stickers = efficiency

Not only is your eye immediately drawn to priorities, you are able to find what you looking for quicker and in a more organised way. But once you get into the habit of setting up your Edit with your stickers, I do this on a weekly basis, you will find you can set up and schedule your week that much quicker.

4. Fill that space

Often one side of your page or time of day is super busy while there is a section in your week that is less used. This means a whole lot of blank space - and while I wish I would solve this issue for you in the design process - everyone’s blank space is different. Stickers, in essence, give you more “organisational space” as you are able to reclassify that white space without things getting messy or complicated.

5. Add in some inspiration gals

You will see in my sticker packs I have a few words of inspiration “#girlboss” “dreams” “selfcare” “inspiration” are all there to get you on the right track. Yes, they are cute and cheerful but they are there for you to remind yourself that “you got this” (yip, that’s one of there stickers too!)

The Alexa Lily Sticker Collection consists of 5 sticker packs - each one is worth the investment. There are 4 sheets per pack. If you are looking to start off, here is a guide to choosing the right pack for you:

  • The Fun Pack - this pack is just that. Different fonts, emblems, motivational words, coffee cups and more. These stickers really add that fun, cool element to your pages.
  • The Coloured Dot - perfect for categorising and ideal for those of you girl bosses who are juggling everything - family, kids, work, self etc. Everyone has something that needs keeping track of and these colours will help you classify each part of your life efficiently.
  • The Icon Pack - The first original stickers, combine the fun and organisation. They are cute reminders of what is going on in your life and they classify them on a broader scale - not person specific but travel, birthdays etc are flagged easily and with a fun icon. 
  • The Social Pack - This is ideal for any bloggers, marketing or PR managers, social media managers or those of you who plan their social media posts. Each platform has its icon and make your post planning fun.
  • The Arrow and Flag Pack - flag and arrow your priorities gals. This pack is the perfect addition to your planning as prioritising becomes that much more efficient.
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