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It’s time to scrap new year’s resolutions

I absolutely despise new year’s resolutions. I truly believe they set you up for failure and are forgotten about by 20th of January. Mostly they are very practical or materialistic for example: go to gym or no more jelly tots. Blah. However this is not to say that I don’t value the new year as a fresh start and a chance to examine my life, mental wellbeing, goals and inner happiness. I just feel we need to change the narrative from “resolution” to “intentions”. 

What is the difference you ask? Well, let’s really look at the terminology:


GOALS - “a desired outcome”


RESOLUTION - “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”


INTENTION - “a thing intended; an aim or plan.”


So basically your motivation for your resolution is fleeting and then falling off the wagon by the middle of the month is inevitable. Plus then you have ultimately “failed” so starting again seems futile. Whereas an intention is far more thought through. I feel that intentions take time, they are not a fleeting thought or desire but rather require serious thought and commitment. Intentions are about reconnecting with oneself. 


Here are some of the intentions I have made through he years:


Prioritise my wellness


Enrich my mind


Consume consciously 


Honor my time


Inspire others


Be kind to myself


Hold my boundaries 


So I encourage you to slow down before making your long list of resolutions. Take time to examine yourself, think about what you really want to achieve this year to honour your own mental health and prioritise your inner happiness. I am a firm believer in long, mediative walks, deep breaths, writing things down and listening to your inner voice. 

I wish you all of the best this year. 


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