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Making weekly planning sessions work for you


Gosh, I love planning. You may laugh but it is true. A well planned week can change my entire mood and certainly lower my anxiety levels. It’s one of the reasons I started Alexa Lily after all- to make planning easy and efficient and beautiful for women like me! There are so many stages to planning: I always go through a mammoth planning session in early January where I map out our entire year - planned holidays, school breaks, important birthday and celebrations, work commitments etc. Then on a monthly basis I look more closely at what the month holds and has to offer. But it is my weekly planning sessions that really are life changing and tackle the nitty gritty life details. 


Do you want to start planning your weeks? Here is how to get it done efficiently and easily:


1. When do I plan for the week ahead?


I am a Sunday night planner. No more Cart Blanch for me. Sundays are self care and planning! I pop on a face mask and get out my highlighters. I map out our week ahead and make sure I am prepared and ready. I like to carve out this time on a Sunday evening to plan my work week and our family’s schedule - not only does it allow me to do this in a calm, peaceful environment but armed with a cup of tea, and usually wearing a facemask, I see this as a therapeutic, self care moment rather than a chore. I enjoy being prepared so naturally I enjoy the preparing (using my gorgeous Alexa Lily planner and my stickers make this process even more appealing). 


2. Why do I am plan ahead?


Look, that’s like asking a chef why he cooks? I am a firm believer that a calm mind and space all comes down to planning. Not only does this allow for my partner and I to be on the same page with the family schedule but it also mentally prepares me for the week ahead. When spontaneous things do come up, because of course they do, then it is easy to make efficient decisions. 


3. How do I plan for the week?


Step 1: It’s all about the tools. I have my Alexa Lily Edit, of course, but for my weekly planning I use my Weekly Schedule and my Family Calendar. I also always use my stickers - this makes the calendars and planning process more fun. But I am also a visual person and the stickers really make an impact and are easily seen when I’m glancing at my planners.

Step 2: I always meal plan on a Sunday night too - that includes comprehensive three meals a day for the family, lunchboxes for the girls, and a detailed shopping list. At the moment I am all about online grocery shopping, so once I have done my shopping list I quickly do my weekly online orders - mostly using Checkers Sixty and Woolworths Dash. I love meal planning, and this simple task totally changes the course of my week - I don’t have that daily panic over what to prepare, and I don’t question whether I have the ingredients. Once planned, all decisions are taken out of it and the meals just roll from one to the next. The weeks that I miss my meal planning steps really throw me - I waste so much time trying to think of what to prepare, it drives me crazy!

Step 3: You know me and to do lists - My Sunday night ritual also includes detailed to do lists. I am not unrealistic of what I can achieve in the week ahead but creating my to do list defines my priorities and time allocations. It’s the only way! Here are some easy tips to get the most out of your to do lists. 


And that’s it! Honestly gals, it’s about time allocation, and then using that time to work for you. Enjoy your planning sessions. It you think of planning and scheduling as a chore then you won’t want to do it every week but if you think of it as part of your self care - which I totally believe it is, then you can indulge in the time. As I said, pop on a face mask, click play on Spotify, and enjoy the preparations in a calm, happy way knowing you are bettering the week ahead for you, your business, and your family. 

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