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7 steps to a morning routine for a more successful day!

Let’s just admit it out right that we can all do with a little energy boost and a step towards a more productive day. One super simple way to do this is set up a morning routine. I have found, since the start of lockdown back in March, my morning routine obviously really changed. Although it took a few weeks to figure out my new morning schedule, my home routine has really helped me stay focused and productive despite such an upheaval to our daily lives. 


1. Do your Morning Routine Prep


If you don’t know it by now then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? No I am kidding but if you know me by now then you know I am all about planning and that goes for your morning routine too. Set some time aside the night before to jot down your morning plan, check your Edit the night before so that when you are up and about you are ready to go and don’t have to spend your time in the morning planning your day or making scheduling decisions. Use available planning tools, our Alex Lily Weekly Schedule Calendar is such a useful calendar for setting your daily intentions within your week. 


2. Start your Morning Routine Early


I am sorry to say it, ladies but get up and get going: you will be much more productive if you get up early. And while many advocate for a 5am alarm we do also believe in one’s beauty sleep so we push our morning snooze until 6am. 


3. Include Exercise into your Morning Routine


Just 10 minutes exercise releases GABA - a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses. Exercising first thing in the morning ensures that you have time for it, and it improves your focus and energy levels for the entire day. 


4. Meditation Encourage Purpose and Focus into your Morning Routine 


I am a firm believer in meditation and yoga. I like to take this time out for myself and start the day breathing right, stretching and (dare I say it) focusing on me. These daily morning rituals can really guide you through the day and channel your thoughts to what needs to be focused on.


5. Your Morning Routine Should Not Neglect Your Wardrobe


While many of us are still working at home during this crazy Covid time that doesn’t mean we should pyjamas all day. Shower, do your hair and yes, put on some make up girl, get dressed (No, your gown and slippers do not count). You will immediately up your ante to perform as a girl boss and get things done. 


6. My Morning Routine Includes a Healthy Diet


I am not here to give you diet advice, and I know that you all wanted to read “hit the caffeine” but I simply can’t deny the benefits of lemon and water first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. I am not saying you have to sacrifice your coffee (Um even I can’t give up my caffeine fix) but change your routine to lemon and water first, it really does do wonders. 

7. Give up the Screen to Focus on your Morning Routine 


Yip - I am really hitting you hard for your mornings but trust me: no screen time until after breakfast and you are in your workspace will change your life! Checking your phone as soon as you open your eyes makes you reply to emails, texts and other things, diving you straight into the needs of others before you have had a chance to focus on yourself and set the tone for your day. One minute you are planning on a run and then yoga but the next you have checked your phone and there is always someone or something that needs to take priority. The second element of jumping straight onto your phone is that you start your day with no order, no plan but rather hap hazardly, frantically tackling tasks. Slow down. Put your phone down. Follow your routine, focus on yourself and your day, and then by the time you sit down to tackle the tasks (and emails, whatsapps) for the day you can do so in a calm, planned way. 

After Completing your Morning Routine You Have More Purpose and Drive


Okay, now you are ready to start your work and get productive. If you have been reading our blog over the past few months you will have already optimised your office space. If not, you can check it out at this link.

10 tips for increasing organisation and productivity in your home office

You also may have formulated a focused to do list, which you can find below

Getting the most out of your to do list

So now you have the chance to get your work done in an organised environment in an organised way. Open your Daily/Weekly/Monthly Edit, check your tasks for the day and systematically work through them. 

Ultimately you need to find what works for you but take the time to do so, layout your morning routine, plan your day (and night before) around it. Work in your partner roles and your kids needs and create the ideal routine for your productive day. The thing is that by having an intentional morning allows you to appreciate the am hours and then treat them with care, and in doing so caring for yourself (and we can all do with a little more self care, am I right ?!)

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