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The Latest Alexa Lily Calendars for 2022

Most of our Alexa Lily product range focuses on our latest 2022 calendars. We have so many options, so there really is one for everyone, and one to fit all your needs. We have monthly calendars, family calendars, and then of course in all your Edits we have the monthly calendar view at the beginning of each month. I firmly believe that a well organised, up to date calendar can change your life in terms of organisation and a general calmness within your self and space. 


The benefits to keeping a calendar:


  1. Calendars are the easiest way to be organised, helping you stay on top of commitments and appointments.
  2. Everything is visible in the calendar giving you an overview of your month or your family’s month in one quick look. Our monthly calendar spaces are not meant for you to write down every single detail but rather provide an easy overview of what you and your family have going on. 
  3. Calendars help you get things done. Tasks are definitely more likely to get done if they are documented on your calendar and scheduled into your month. At one glance you can see what needs to get done, and then doing it is just a matter of actually doing the job rather than stressing about the time that you don’t have to do it.
  4. Calendars make scheduling so much easier, and allocating the correct amount of time to events or tasks is easy and accessible. 


Keeping your calendar fun and easy:


I am all about planning to make your life easier - what’s the point otherwise? So approaching your calendar efficiently is imperative to making the most of your being more organised and on top of your schedule. There are so many ways to fill in your appointments, tasks or events. Here are some of my favourite tips:


  1. Colours! Get out your colour pens and highlights and colour code - your eye will immediately know what it is looking for if you categorise with colours, e.g., work is pink, social is blue.

  2. Stickers! As you know we have a whole bunch of fab stickers to not only organise your calendar but also make it look great and add some fun elements to your organisation.

  3. Make sure you have easy access to your calendar - do not keep it in your drawer! Stick it up on your fridge or have it on your desk so you can see it and continually update it as you go. 


Now let’s chat about which calendar works for you. We have three individual calendars to choose from: your weekly, your monthly and your family calendar. And then of course, you have a month overview for each month in your Edit. 

The 2022 Collection


Weekly 2022 calendars: This one is a bit of an in-betweener. Your Weekly Calendar offers the simplicity of a week per page but with some of the added benefits of our Planners such as a small personal to do list, work to do list and space for notes that don’t fall under a specific day. The days are un-dated for flexibility and - because we all love ticking things off lists - each day is lined and laid out with check boxes.


Monthly 2022 calendars: A timeless classic with an elegant design, Your Monthly Edit Calendar is as clear and concise as time-planning gets and will appeal to the minimalist in you. This Calendar is all about viewing and scheduling your month in one swift move. It comes in either A3 or A4 size, with the latter being more fridge friendly. It wouldn’t be Alexa Lily if we didn’t offer you smart extras, like a to do list and inspirational quotes


Family 2022 calendars: Think of this as your family life raft. Saving parents one Family Planner at a time, this is the ultimate tool to coordinate your tribe. Because the small details matter, our Family Planner is laid out in a linear format with the whole family on one row per day, each with their own customisable column.We’ve included a birthday column, a notes section at the bottom of each page, and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. Your little ones will love our sticker pack that’s included with this Calendar, which also brings a little colour and fun to organisation.


Whatever calendar works for you, I hope that you find your groove, and that it makes your life easier and your organisation more enjoyable. 

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