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The A - Z of organising

Act - it’s no use reading and rereading “how to’s” or making lists and lists of what needs to be done if you never actually do it. The first thing to remember when getting organised is act. Just do it, organising is an action!


Break it down - there is absolutely no point deciding “I am going to organise my life.” What does that even mean? You need to break it down into bite-size, manageable departments. My categories include The Home, The Kids, Work Admin, Work Design, Work Marketing, Myself. 


Categorise - when you are organising always categorise. Especially when it comes to organising physical items like your cupboards or your playroom. 


Declutter - although this goes hand in hand with cleaning, it deserves to stand alone. One can clean clutter so the declutter is important. 


Evaluate - identify what is important and start there, or more specifically, determine what is a priority. Start with the part of your life that needs the most organising. Once this aspect is organised things will only get easier. 


File. Seriously, could F be anything else? File in an organised manner!


Give - when you are organising physical items your “give box” is such a beautiful part of decluttering and organising one’s space. Giving is not only helping others but it is also a good lesson to teach kids, if they are around, and it’s good for the soul. 


Habits - organising isn’t only about a neat cupboard or a colour coded Edit. It’s also about creating habits that allow your life to take a more organised approach. Try and identify which of your habits need to change or which you need to pick up for a more organised, easy-to-manage life. 


I - we could choose “in it’s place” or “identify” but I am going with “I” -  your organising has to work for you. Your systems may not make any sense to me but if they make you more organised then that’s the way to go. Ask yourself, “does this work for me?”


Just do it! Thanks Nike!


Keep it simple and easy to navigate. Your Edit should be easy to read and understand, as should your home, (no one needs a crazy system that is confusing). 


Lists! I am a huge fan! Lists fix everything. Do it now. Write a list. 


Make it work for yourself and your timeline. You are not accountable to anyone else but yourself, so make it work for you. Being organised should only make your life easier not more stressful. 


No! Part of being organised is setting boundaries. Learn to say no, to yourself and to others!


Order! Organising is all about getting things into a manageable order for yourself. Order makes it easier to understand, access and focus when you are ordering items, thoughts, activities, goals. 


Planning. I love planning, it’s probably what got me into the business of Alexa Lily in the first place. Of course planning and being organised go together like pancakes and syrup!


Queen. Be your own queen of organisation or be organised and feel like a queen! 


Reminders. Remember to make your life easier with simple little hacks that increase your organisational levels and therefore productivity levels. Setting reminders on my phone is one of those little hacks that have changed my life - I remind myself of birthdays two days before so I have time to send flowers. I remind myself of the kids’ school activities or concerts. I even remind myself of meetings. 


System! To quote Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit (who I love so much) “it’s about creating a system!” That system has to work for you, and has to be easy to keep up. There’s no point organising for things only to become a nightmare one day later. Create a system that works in the long term.

Take the time. Don’t rush your initial organisational mission. Take the time to work it out, do it slowly but properly, invest in the time it takes to be organised!

Use your resources available to you. For example, My Edit is such a great tool in your daily, weekly, and monthly organisation. I can’t tell you how my productivity changed once I was maximising the organisation within my Edit.

Value yourself, your time and your vision.

Work! Being organised takes work but it also makes the rest of life’s work that much easier to manage. Work at your own system to really benefit from the effort that you put in!

X as in "cross it off.” Make your list and enjoy crossing things off it. I sometimes add one or two things to my list which are already done just to cross them off! That’s how much I love it!

Yes, it’s worth taking the plunge into a more organised life!

Zzzz - don’t forget to take care of yourself, take time out, rest and look after you! 

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