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Wellness Journaling

Wellness - mental, physical and emotional -  has really been a huge focus for me the last couple months. This exploration of overall wellness of one’s self led to me launching our much anticipated Wellness Journal - which I was so excited to launch, and even more excited once I realised how excited you guys were about it! Wellness is so important to me, and I love that you gals are committing to journaling about yours. 


Gone are the days when we think of “wellness” as “not on medication” so my Alexa Lily Wellness Journal really does celebrate your personal wellness, and helps guide you into exploring and documenting your own personal journey.


As you know I am a huge advocate for self care. It’s such an important part of wellness, and is often the first aspect of one’s life to be neglected. It breaks my heart when women say, “I don’t have time for self care.” Taking care of oneself, and prioritising this, needs to be top of mind. Here are some of my tips for making yourself and your wellness a priority.


  • Self care is not selfish. That’s right gals. It is not selfish which means you may not feel guilty about prioritising your own wellness. You need self care for your own self preservation and energy renewal


  • .Wellness is nourishing your mind, body and soul. Feed each of these elements in your own life and you will be able to live a more balanced, happier, healthier life. You will be more resilient to the external stresses we face on a daily basis.


  • Get organised! Like anything you are attempting to achieve in your life, you need to plan, organise, and make time for it. Organising your wellness allows you to action your wellness: it allocates you time and an action plan for achieving your own health. This was the main motivation for launching my Wellness Journal - it’s giving you a tool to guide you in living a healthy life in which you prioritise your own wellbeing. 


  • I’m all for rallying your BFFs but you need to be your own cheerleader too! Sometimes I ask myself, “What would I say to a friend?” And then I follow my own advice. The journal is great for this too - it allows you to contemplate and document your wellness journey. 


    Now, you may ask yourself, how do you add another journal to your life? How do you make time for another tool? It’s not about making more time, it’s about prioritising the time that you do have. I have spoken many times about time blocking and making your mornings work for you. Now you add your wellness journal to the equation.

    Enjoy filling it in! This is vital — your wellness journal is an addition of joy to your life not another organisational burden. Taking time to journal your wellness and self care is really saying to yourself, “I am prioritising me,” “I am working on me,” and “I am making time for myself.”

    And really, what could be more important that that?

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