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Working From Home Efficiently

Seriously, how are we back to this? Lockdown, third wave, homeschool, working from home, isolation periods, missing friends, missing dinners and parties and get togethers, and even an indulgent coffee out. Sigh! We are now nearly 18 months into this and it got me thinking how we were all thrown into working from home (and juggling EVERYTHING) with no time to plan, execute, and most hectic: no choice. Yes, we thought it was 3 weeks, then 5, then for the winter but now here we are, still working from home and making it work because we have to. But how can we make it better? I went through a stage where sometimes I would think, “I’ve got this” but other times I felt like I am a hot mess and that there had to be another way… so I changed things up and focused on working from home (and juggling EVERYTHING) in the most efficient way. Here is what I learnt:


1. Get organised and keep the clutter away !

That’s right! Feeling organised and decluttered in your work space makes your brain feel more organised and less cluttered. Start with a Home Tidy, and then do a 5-10 minute tidy at the beginning and end of everyday. Focus on your work space and stick to your area. I know, I know, “it’s so nice you can work from bed/couch/dining table…” No. Create your  workspace and stick to it. Creating a dedicated home office space means business and focus. 


2. Create a schedule… and stick to it!

I have found that having structure and routine means that not only am I more productive, but I also have more free time (aka time to sort out my kids!) Use your Alexa Lily planner to really map out your day - schedule in time for your own exercise, your own self care and, of course, everything else that you need to do now that you work from home. Have a look at my previous post all about time management to get a grip on this skill, because yes, gals: time management is a skill and tool that you need to master. 


3. Set boundaries and stick to them!

I’ll admit, I am the worst at setting boundaries: mid work I dash out to help a child or after dinner I turn back on my laptop to finish the day’s work. In an ideal world, none of this would happen but seriously, we are in a pandemic with the entire family at home: things are going to happen. I think the biggest concern is that you never “leave” work when you are at home so it is important to respect the work boundaries. You need to work out what boundaries work for you, and then prioritise them. 


4. Be realistic and take breaks. 

Don’t expect that you will head into the study and work an entire 9-5 with no breaks. This is never going to happen when working from home. Coffee in the kitchen, kids calling… all of these are realistic aspects of working from home, and you need to hold space for these parts of life. 


5. Stay connected  

The part of this pandemic that we have all hated so much is the lack of connecting with people other than our families: those friend and colleague connections are so important and such a valid part of working for oneself or for a big company. That is one of the huge benefits to social media - one can connect in small, digital ways constantly and I love it. I love the feedback I get from you. I miss seeing you face to face at the various events but connecting over Instagram allows me that little joy of seeing your life with your Alexa Lily item. I just love it. 


I hope this helps you to take your working home to the next level and become more productive and efficient during these strange times. 

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