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Calendars 2021

If carrying a Planner around isn’t your vibe, then nothing beats a classic desk calendar for an immediate sense of the days, weeks and months ahead. This collection launched with Your Monthly Edit Calendar, an essential in the desktop arsenal and we’re proud to say that we’ve added two more siblings to the family: Your Weekly Schedule, which features a week per page and Your Family Planner Calendar, which is a take-no-prisoners assault on rambling family plans.  

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R 180.00


A bit of an in-betweener, Your Weekly Calendar offers the simplicity of a week per page but with some of the added benefits of our Planners such as a small personal to do list, work to do list and space for notes that don’t fall under a specific day.

The days are un-dated for flexibility and - because we all love ticking things off lists - each day is lined and laid out with check boxes.


The low down

An un-dated week per page, 26 weeks in total

Size A4

Printed in South Africa on quality coated 160gsm, FSC-certified paper


Your Monthly Desk Calendar 2021 Your Monthly Desk Calendar 2021
A3 A4
    R 320.00
    A3 A4

      A timeless classic with an elegant design, Your Monthly Edit Calendar is as clear and concise as time-planning gets and will appeal to the minimalist in you. This Calendar is all about viewing and scheduling your month in one swift move. It comes in either A3 or A4 size, with the latter being more fridge friendly. 

      It wouldn’t be Alexa Lily if we didn’t offer you smart extras like a to do list and inspirational quote with each month as well as the option to personalise your Calendar with a name in gold at the top right of each page.


      The low down

      A dated month per page

      Available in sizes A3 or A4

      Printed in South Africa on quality coated 160gsm, FSC-certified paper


      Your Family Calendar 2021 Your Family Calendar 2021
      R 360.00


      Think of this as your family life raft.

      Saving parents one Family Planner at a time, this is the ultimate tool to coordinate your tribe. Because the small details matter, our Family Planner is laid out in a linear format with the whole family on one row per day, each with their own customisable column.

      We’ve included a birthday column, a notes section at the bottom of each page and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. Your little ones will love our sticker pack, included with this Calendar, which also brings a little colour and fun to organisation.


      The low down

      A month per page, a row per day, a column per family member. Boom!

      Size A3 and top hung with a handy hook

      Printed in South Africa on quality 250 gsm, FSC-certified paper

      A5 4 sheet family sticker pack included

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