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Original Art

Our collection of Original Art was inspired by our own need for beautiful pieces to decorate our homes with. We wanted classic and timeless images combined with pops of colour to add a touch joy to our walls.

We've curated our selection and created original pieces to inspire you to beautify your home and to feel happiness when you see these pieces on your own walls.

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Alexa Lily X Caren Walsh Collab

Limited edition series inspired by strong, inspiring, visionary women everywhere.

If you want to write, they say write about what you know. It’s the same for painting. And artist Caren Walsh knows a thing or two about fashion. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years learning the art of image making, she applied her knowledge and love of fashion to her art. This collaboration with Alexa Lily is an alignment of values, celebrating strong, confident women. The artworks are named after inspiring women in fashion. Grace Coddington, Creative Director at large for American Vogue well known for her visionary fashion shoots; Vivienne Westwood, British designer and environmental activist and Emma Tempest, fashion photographer whose photographs celebrate women.

Each artwork is signed and numbered by the artist, Caren Walsh.

A total of 15 prints of each artwork are available in this series.

Printed on 300g Cycles Offset certified recycled acid free paper. 

Available in size A4 only. 

Printed in South Africa (always).

**Frame not included**

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