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Our Story

Hi & Welcome, 

Alexa Lily was the proud creation of two friends, Jen and Anel, two women whom value love, honesty, quality, and friendship and who individually wanted to make a positive difference in this world. The company is now fully owned and run by Jen, a mum of two beautiful twin girls, with a passion for design and styling amidst juggling the daily hustle of raising a healthy and happy family. 

The company was founded on a common thread and problem that was not having a tool to effectively (and joyfully) organize ones time and goals. There was a need for an all-in-one space to schedule ones day, view ones entire week clearly, set actionable and attainable career, personal, and health goals, and have enough space to write down ones dreams and wishes (to nurture that creative side that so often gets suppressed). 

There was a greater need for more than just a 9 - 5 schedule and a monthly calendar. Thus Your Weekly Edit was born and from this we have introduced the much requested Your Daily Edit Planner for the ultimate list maker, who requires more space to write down their daily lists and to-do’s. Your Weekly Edit and Your Daily Edit inspires you to make purposeful plans, attainable goals, live a healthy life, and to spark joy in your every day.

Your Weekly Edit and Your Daily Edit is for every girl and woman who wants to take charge of their destiny and create a life they love living. It's for every woman who knows they are capable of the best (yes you are!). It's there to inspire and to ignite change.

Over the years, our range has expanded into more functional and beautiful products that we hope will spark joy in your daily lives. 

Alexa Lily is here to make you organized, happy, and to feel your best every single day!

Thank you for visiting.



Owner of Alexa Lily