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Our Story

Hi + Welcome

Alexa Lily is the proud creation of two friends, Anel + Jen: two women who value love, honesty, quality, and friendship and who individually wanted to make a positive difference in this world. We were brought together by our husbands and ended up nurturing an invaluable friendship, sharing our love of coffee, minimalist fashion and design, and all things blush and gold (naturally). 

Anel is a holistic health coach helping people create and sustain better habits for a healthier and happier life while Jen is a busy mum of two beautiful twin girls, with a passion for design + styling amidst juggling the daily hustle of raising a healthy and happy family. 

We’re just two girls making it happen. Yet we found our common thread and problem was not having a tool to effectively (and joyfully) organize our time and our goals. We longed for an all-in-one space where we could schedule our day, view our entire week clearly, set actionable and attainable career, personal, and health goals, and have enough space to write down our dreams and wishes (to nurture that creative side that so often gets suppressed).  We wanted all of this in a tangible book - something we could touch, feel, and enjoy using daily. Something of superior quality, which is so beautiful that it puts a smile on our faces every single day. 

After scouring the stores and the Internet, we couldn't find anything that suited our needs (being perfectionists at heart, we knew this would be a struggle from the get go!). We started chatting to our communities and realised that so many women were looking for the same things we were and were frustrated by the lack of inspirational planning tools on the market especially here in South Africa.

Our generation was asking for more. We needed something that gives us more than just a 9 - 5 schedule and a monthly calendar. We are proactive women taking charge of the direction of our lives, and we need a tool that can help us realise our goals. So we decided that we had to create this tool ourselves and Your Weekly Edit is the ultimate (smile-on-our-faces) result.

We've also expanded the range to include a much requested Your Daily Edit Planner for the ultimate list maker, who requires more space to write down their daily lists and to-do’s.  Your Weekly Edit + Your Daily Edit inspires you to make purposeful plans, attainable goals, live a healthy life, and to spark joy in your every day. We've spent our every day designing and tweaking the little details in order to make your big picture beautiful. We've made both Planners relevant to today, to your life wherever you are at this moment. Your Weekly Edit + Your Daily Edit is for every girl and woman who wants to take charge of their destiny and create a life they love living. It's for every woman who knows they are capable of the best (yes you are!). It's there to inspire and to ignite change. And we hope that it will do just that for you.

We have, over the years, expanded the range into more functional + beautiful products that we hope will spark joy in your daily lives. 

We are so excited for the future and determined to use Alexa Lily to make you organised, happy, and to feel your best.

Thank you for inspiring us each and every day.


Anel + Jen

Co-Founders of Alexa Lily